New freestyle trick that I can't do yet...

I was playing around doing some flatland bike stuff on a friend’s bike and thought of something that may work well for a unicycle. It’s like a backwards standup wheel walk where you stand up with your feet facing in towards the frame and parallel with the tyre. Then you hold on (you have to hold on really tight) to the seat and pace backwards on top of the tyre. I only tried yesterday for about 30 seconds but I found that the hardest thing was holding onto the seat hard enough to keep it steady. If it works out it’ll be heaps of fun though.


P.S. Today I tried some backwards stair riding…it’s really fun.

I’ve seen a few people do this one, though I can’t remember seeing it done for any distance. I only remember seeing it for up to 3-5’ or so.

Who did it? I can’t remember! Possible names (I’ve seen more than one) Julien Monny, Dan Heaton, Dustin Kelm, Christian Hoverath, Daike Izumeda, Colin Schworer, Ryan Woessner?


i’ve been doing this too. and i thought of it after watching flatland riders too.

it is actualy verry hard to do for more than just a short distance.

its a bit esier if you are actualy a bit more sideon to the uni. and you make sure that your arms are not adding more wobble.

one of the hard things about this trick is the dificulty in balancing whilst moving only one leg.