new frame idea

I think someone should make a longneck rounded crown aluminum or titanium frame(for trials)… It would be strong and light.

You guys are probly just thinking a regular longneck frame would be the same, but after long rides with alot of SIF the insides of my knees get bruised.

So what do you guys think? and if theres anyone out there who would be able to weld some I would definately buy one;)

i just finished a freestyle frame (shortneck and has a flat spot to put feet) that the only way to hit your knee at the crown is by actually getting off and hitting it that way. it is so close to the tire. it is cromoly though. it is soo low to the tire. evans may have mine beat but not by much

steel works lol but aluminum is lighter…
Do you have a picture of your frame? and how does it feel

nice. not yet. i am going riding but later tonight i will post a picture of it.

o ok cool

Maybe duct tape some foam to the frame

It would weigh next to nothing, and you can find colored duct tape, so it will just look horrible rather then really horrible.:slight_smile:

na i want a custom frame

steel is real

my camera is being stupid. i will get it up soon though

Just get the XPT frame :wink: .

and then we start talking about the price tag.
besides i would take a custom hand built one over a mass producded one any day

You should get the Koxx Black Africa frame.

wait isnt that the one that K1 made that cost a rediculous amount and breaks when you sit on it?:smiley:

lol i agree the xtp is nice, but way to much money. I would be able to go with a regular rounded crown frame, but my seatpost is cut too short and it wont go high enough so i need a longneck;)---------- plus they look cool



I just dont understand why you dont just build one? haha:)

o ok lol - i dont have access to a welder, and I dont know how to attach or make bearing caps

there is no welder in your town? and just get the welder (if you find one) to attach the bearing caps when he does it

no too hard - someone make one for me