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Hi everyone,
I am currently in search for a new coker frame. I contacted george barnes but he isn’t making frames anymore because of a full time job. I need contact info for anyone that makes custom coker frames. I am looking to spend no more than 250.00 If possible I’d like to see pictures. you can contact me at or Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and get out there and ride. later, gator.


You could buy this slightly used Stock Coker Frame, I’m not sure if it has been bought yet. Or for around the maximum of your price range, I think you could get the top-of-the-line Hunter Frame. Maybe even a Joe Rowing Frame.

Good Luck!

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What’s your inseam length, cokerclimber?

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That’s really a shame that George won’t have time to build frames any more. His work and his attitude were top notch. His products, IMHO are extremely high quality at a reasonable price.

I have several of them and couldn’t be happier with them.


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I too have one of his frames and it looks beautiful. Simple but tough. I am hoping that his retirement is temporary. I can’t see him not building again. He was great to work with, very reasonably priced, top notch quality and he delivered in a very timely fashion.

Another alternative is Max Dingmans dad. Max posts on this forum, try doing a search, or someone may respond with his contact info.

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So if George Barnes is stopping does that mean all of the GB4 items will no longer be available to the market? Like the GB4 handle, or seat post?

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I am sure that he will still make those. He could knock out quite a few for to keep in inventory over a weekend visit to his parents. Of course the only way to know for sure is to talk with George.

AFAIK, the main reason George doesn’t take orders for frames anymore is because where he lives now is 9 hours from his workshop. This means he’s just not close enough to take orders of dozens of frames & produce them quickly enough. He does still make frames, because he’s currently making one for me. I’m not sure if mine will be the last for a while, or if he only considers making them when he’s at his workshop. I know that he was at his shop last week, and my frame’s been welded & sent to the painters.

Also, don’t worry about him dropping off the radar, he’s definitely in development of some new prototype products (one of which I will be testing for him).


And I thought I was the last frame.:smiley: Sitting in my garage waiting on a wheel. I am also going to test a prototype, I am sure mine will be here any day.

It is terrible isn’t it. I too have just got a custom Coker frame from George, but still waiting for the wheel. I can’t wait.

Hope that George will continue making frames one day, it looks great, and I am sure it works great too.


george is still building frames, but more slowly than he used to. go ahead and shoot him an email. his email and other info can be had at his website. He currently lives in denver and has to commute to western iowa to his workshop at his folks farm. i ahve two of his frames and they’re fantastic. once i get more money/a real job, i’m planning on a coker. anyway,. email him, if you aren’t in a huge hurry, you should be fine. it just might take him a while to get to your frame.

i’m currently in posession of 2 prototype items. yay me.

george’s availability

To everyone that responded and said that George is still making frames and that it’s just going to take longer. I e-mailed him about a coker frame and he sent an e-mail back to me saying that because of his new job he’s not making any more frames. Maybe you’ve talked to him in the last couple of days and things have changed. Thanks.


to U-turn

My inseam in 30" or 31" Why? Do you make frames? Let me know.


George is NOT still building frames. I figure one full time job is enough. I’ll still do small parts for UDC, as time allows.

For us, this is a sad day in the unicycle world. Your frame building will definitely be missed. I am one of the lucky ones to own a Coker frame.

For you George, congratulations on your full time job.

Guess that makes my GB4 a limited edition. :smiley: Too bad.:frowning:

Thats a real shame, your outstanding work will be sorely missed. I was hoping to start frame building as a part time thing during & after university, and with one less expert in the field the limited world of unicycle frame manufacturing is a much less rich place without you.

I guess that makes my frame one of the last of the GB4s? :(.


Good luck in your new job, George! It has been a pleasure to work with you these past few years.

I have a Hunter 36" frame and it is a ‘real craftsmans work’. It is extremely light, well made, handsome but seems a bit flexible with an original Coker wheel.
I am waiting for the cake, not the icing, in the form of a U Turn Super Wheel.
I am not an expert but i think it goes in this order:
the rest like pedal, seats etc

How long did it take to get your Hunter frame? A friend of mine is waiting on one. Do you think the frame is flexy or the original wheel? Guess it’s hard to know until you have the best wheel available. Not like you can see which is flexing while riding. I do like the look of a Hunter. What color did you get?