New forum suggestion!

Would it be possible to set up a new forum called, I AM NEW, WHAT DO I NEED, WHAT SHOULD I BUY, WHAT UNI IS BEST FOR ME. A basic help for begginers Forum or veterans with questions about equipement, for people to ask us for advice and for us to give it. I think it would be nice to have one place for new riders to go and get that information instead of joining the forum, setting thier User CP and then starting a thread titled I AM NEW, I NEED HELP.

People don’t seem to be able to find the search button and so we could move all those threads to one forum and the information would all be right there. Call it, NEW?, START HERE FOR INFO.

I have a better idea; why don’t we set up a new forum called, SELF-RIGHTEOUS TWITS, where people who spend so much time worrying about what other people post can hang out and argue about what posts are valid there, and we can keep that noise out of this forum, which is for discussions about unicycles and unicycling.

There is not a single “what should I buy” post on the front page of the forum right now.

I posted this here to actually be of some service. The Product reviews Forum has 8 what should I buy threads on it. I was only trying to be helpful to the people who ARE NEW AND DON’T know where to go for info. I was of the mind that Unicyclists were a welcoming family, but since this attack I realise that is not the case.

A forum dedicated to information for new riders would be a service to the whole community and I think it warrants thought. There are so many people joining the sport, that a forum of this kind would be great.

Thanks for your input, everyone oppinion is valuable.

I’m split about this.

On one hand, I think it would be nice to get rid of some of those useless posts.

On the other, I feel that if there was a new forum I certainly wouldn’t look there. I tend to avoid those threads anyway, I alway feel that there is someone with better info to help. I would be worried that it would mean people stop looking there altogether.


I had thought about the same thing as well, but whenever I have a guestion about rules, skill levels, riding in general, there are always several great riders that come to my aid. I think that the people who could answer the questions the best would check in and answer the threads from time to time.

Maybe just call in “Questions”

Ok, what about an auto-reply orientation email to be sent out when you sign up for a new account? Shoot all the ducks in a barrell before they get a chance to manifest on the forum.:smiley: Actually, I’m not bothered by the “I’m new” posts, I hang out in JC…

Just have gilby make a sticky for a thread like that. Most other forums have a “New? Start here!” sticky thread.

yeah most forums have stickies at the top saying use search button and stuff like that, but I have found it helpful on other(non uni) forums they have a gear and equipment area where people can post questions about products and which one is better and so forth. A lot of ppl post in there wondering what they should buy, best bang for the buck, and starter info on purchasing. Just a thought though

We already have one of those–Product Reviews.
Right now, there are 81 people reading this forum, and 2 reading that one, if you want to know why people post product questions here instead of there.

We should create a movie called, “Battle of the 38 year olds.”

I (and many others) do not want a sticky thread at the top of the page. There was one in JC a while ago and it didn’t go down well. Here would be even worse.


I really don’t think it’s necessary to put up a whole new forum, a sticky note, or anything else. If new people ask this question just help them out the best that you can. They’re asking for help, not trying to be annoying. and I’m sure most of you did the same thing when you joined.


The french unicycle newsgroup has always had a lot of categories (have a glance at ). At fisrt i didn’t like it but i have to recognize that it is quite practical, when you don’t have a lot of time to loose for instance, you can target the information you want.

A few months ago, the creation of a beginner forum was decided, along with a “read this first” thread stuck up that redirects the reader to the main things beginners usually ask and mention the search feature. This forum happens to fulfill his job and it works fine.

The problem here, is that historically RSU is the only forum dedicated to unicycle. So everyone is used to only reading it. And when you want your post to be read and your questions answered, the temptation to put it in RSU to get more audience is real.
I don’t know if a new forum would be interesting here. I quite agree with what tholub rudely said.
I liked when RSU was the only forum, because i was often surprised by threads i wouldn’t have looked for if they had been somewhere else. And the changing of policy to more-than-one-unicycling-forum should have been radical to work better. I am not satisfied with this slow progressing intermediate solution. (I complain but i’ll always come back :wink: )


Do you have to wash your hands after reading a sticky thread?

Just the admins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone (don’t look at me) should make an updated FAQ that brought to peoples attention when they create an account. It could be a wiki, so no one person is stuck with the task of keeping it updated. The unicyclopedia is good, but perhaps something specificly for new forum members would be even better.

I don’t really feel up to washing Harper…