New for doubleflips.

Yo, Yo

Progession for the day was wonderful. Jerad Glatt came down on the doubleflip 6 times today on flat. Super stoked, sadly not on film yet. I came down on the hickdoubleflip as well about 5 or 6 times. Also not on film. Sorry. We’ll get our stuff together when we have a camera. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

woah thats awesome. So how many people can double flip now? you, jerad, sabin, and maybe alex (im not sure if he has does done them or not)?

Hopefully i get mine soon…

Ha, pretty rad considering i was trying hick double flips today also…I will get it soon enough. KH.

what the heck is a double flip?

Man, thats crazy…anyone done a double backflip yet?

jungauni watch this video and all will be explained.…_itemId=174732

hey congrats on the double unispin crankflip, and props to jerad.

yeah i’ve done a double back. and a front

On flat?

thats awesome shaun. hope to see a vid.

fakie?(riding backwards)


I’ve never seen a fakie doubleflip, it hasn’t been done yet. Tomsey busts doublebacks yeah, they’re insane, never seen him do a doubleflip though ;). Jerad busts doubleflips on flat. I’m kinda close to a fakiedoubleflip. Laters
-Shaun Johanneson

I am retarded with double flips…I either just do a really big single flip or I flip it some where inbetween 360 and 720 then nut myself…not the most fun thing to try for me.