new flat vid from me !

new flat vid.
here is the link :

Comment it please. :smiley:

Very impressive my friend. I like the bail at the end.

That was really great!
You’re progressing fast!

thanks :slight_smile:

nice rolls.

my favorite trick was the varial roll to rolling wrap, thats a sick combo

Wow! That was really good! Nice Uni! Good skills!

Really good quality too! What editting program do you use?

Keep it up!


WOW…that was amazing! how do you guys get sooo good. i ride a lot, and just cant seem to even scratch this caliber of riding!

how old are you? i hope i dont offend you, but you look rather young.

VERY impressive

I use sony vegas 7

I am 13 !

you’ve got a unique style… it looks like the wheel will roll away from you, but you make it smooth and controlled.
I like your move just after the wrap walk

that was good, you should play unitrix, your bigspin was really clean, sexchange was kinda sketcy but you shoulda slo moed that 540 in the begining…but good job man very nice, every thing was very well put together

I really enjoyed your video, nice crank rolls combos!!

good job :wink: