NEW First Uni question

I am just about to get my first unicycle. I would like to travel (at some point) to work about 2.5 miles paved and smooth dirt. I have found a SUN 28" with aluminum rim. The Forum suggest that this is a good size. Is it harder to learn on a larger wheeled uni?
Is $62 + $18 S&H ($80 shipped) an OK price?

Many Thanks for the info and welcome.

It is a good price. It is not the most durable unicycle, but it should hold up well to a simple commute.

It is much harder to learn on a larger unicycle. I would recommend a 24" (or 20") to learn on, and you could also try the commute with it. A 24"
will give you a jogger’s pace. A 28" or 29" would be faster.

Typically, people recommend Torker LX or Club unicycles as good starter unicycles. Here is a new one from UDC:

A 26" would be harder to learn on but a bit faster on the commute.


I learned to ride on a 20", and that took dedication. When I got to the point where I could say “I can ride a unicycle” (freemount 75% and ride for quite a long distance) I tried a used 24" at my local bike shop. It took me about 10 minutes of going at it before I could ride it. I would say your chances of learning on a 28" are slim. It’s doable. Some people learn a lot easier than others. I’d recommend using the map feature of the website. Most people have the uni they learned on laying around taking up space, and they would be more than happy to loan it to you so you can learn. Mine is currently on loan right now to a friend as he is learning. If that doesn’t work, I’d try craigslist next. Unless for some reason you think you would have some sort of advantage on a uni (maybe you ride bmx or something), the extra time it would take to learn on a 28" would either deter you from unicycling altogether or make you wish you had a smaller one to start with.

Get a Torker lx 24 or similar Nimbus

Starting out of the gate with a 28 is making it hard on yourself. Sun is known for decent kid’s 12’s and 16’s, but after that , Sun is considered by the forum to be sub par. 29’s need a real seat, all the big Sun unis are kinda lame. Go with a 24 of better quality. The lx seat is ok.

start of with a cheap and simple 20". It should take less then a month to get the basics if you train daily for 20 minutes. After that get the a decent 29". A KH is expensive, but in the long run maybe the best present you give yourself in life :slight_smile:

I would recommend spending a little more money and get a better uni. Don’t do what I did. I bought a cheap ($63 USD) unicycle on amazon and it’s costing me more on repairs.

80 for a Sun 28" is a good price shipped.

I bought one for about 145, brand new, shipped. It lasted me for exactly 560 miles. At 230 miles the rim tacoed from a side hop of about 18". At 560 miles I jumped up from a still stand practice and the axle snapped in half near the crank arm. The bent rim a local bike shop worked magic on and got it back to about 1" of wobble. Now I have a used KH 29".

The Sun 28" or any large unicycle is not a good unicycle to learn on. Get a 20". The 28"ers main benefit is increased speed for commuting, errands, and shopping. With the large unicycles there is much more fear factor, also it becomes imposible, near impossible, or impractical to do many tricks that you eventually may wish to do, such as jump mount, kick up mount, one footing, wheel walking, etc. Most tricks will be easier to learn on a 20".

Many Thanks, All.

I will get a 20"er for a bit and move up as skills improve. Better quality sounds less expensive in the long run, and more fun to boot…