New film, "Winter"


Here’s the trailer for a film I am in this year, called “Winter”.
The film is produced by Steve Bellamy, owner of the Ski Channel and the Surf Channel.

The film focuses on mountain sport athletes who push boundaries - the people behind the action. For my segment the producers digitally re-mastered some of my original 16 mm footage from New World disorder, and it includes footage from the Stawamus Chief cliff riding shoot that’s never been seen before.

The film is set to premiere in Hollywood in early October, and should tour through 2012.

Hopefully should be a good film and some good exposure for our sport!

looks epic! already liked it on Facebook!

Once again, Kris, you are in exceptional company. It’s great to see you there once again! :slight_smile:

Super inspirational, love it. Glad to see unicycling getting some awesome exposure. :smiley:

That is so amazing :astonished:

Here’s a funny story:

You can tell by the trailer that high potential risk sports and the personalities behind those choices play a big role in the film. So on my end I think they focus it as a retrospective on the super high consequence stuff I did some years ago (bridge railings, cliff and building edges etc). Haven’t seen it but that’s my guess.

But in the case of the historic shots of riding on the edge of the Chief, they didn’t have any POV shots. So a few weeks ago I headed up there to do a bit more riding. It was supposed to be a before-work mission with my sister so I showed up at 6AM, but it was absolutely pouring rain.

We waited and waited and eventually it cleared marginally at 4pm, and we hiked up to the Prow Wall on the Chief, where the shoot originally was. This time, I intended to do it roped.

All the granite was soaking wet and unbelievably slippery, especially where the smooth granite sloped towards the vertical edge. We rigged a line and actually had to rappel down the first section I originally rode, lest we go shooting off the edge. But it was just barely OK for riding, and we rigged a fixed line and I rode back and forth a few times, holding the camera out over the drop as I rode along the edge with a fixed line trailing beside (off camera). Clouds were swirling up from below, making it feel even more exposed than it normally is.

Next up was the drop over a “bottomless gap” (later on in the Skilletto segment). That was a bit sketchy - gapping belayed by my sister with 600 m of air beneath my feet and a camera in my left hand. I wish we had a better angle because it is crazy exposed - overhanging on all sides. But generally it worked great and we got the shot (about 1/4 wobbly seconds of it anyway).

After that we wrapped everything up and headed down soaking wet but happy to have pulled it off.

If you pause the camera in the trailer, you’ll see a bit of this, where the blue frame and Karver shoes show that the footage was taken a decade after the rest of it.


Awesome!! Looking forward to the new footage :smiley:

Mostly unseen old footage, actually =). But I’m curious to see it myself because it’s new to me too - I never saw original raw stuff from the cliff ride. I’m sure there was more than ever ended up in the edited segment on New World Disorder or One Tired Guy.

I also did a segment this year for ESPN’s show E:60 that’s entirely new filming (freeriding on the Vancouver North Shore, March 2011), but I have no idea when it will air.

Let us know when you do :sunglasses:

Nice article. Posting it in this (instead of the book) thread as Ski Channel was the producer of “Winter” for which there is a link to the trailer at the bottom (not included below) of this article.

Here’s the text for posterity:

Kris Holm: The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling

Posted By: Austin Willis on March 13, 2012 9:08 am

If you watch some of Kris Holm’s crash footage, you can bet that he wishes he had a how-to guide when he began pioneering the sport of mountain unicycling 25 years ago! Holms has taken plenty of spills, tumbles, and rolls in his unrelenting pursuit of unicycling almost anything, on any terrain, in over 16 countries throughout the world. Through it all, Holm has attained an unrivaled knowledge of the sport.

In his new book “The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling”, Holm displays the knowledge and skills he has learned throughout his career by giving tips both for mountain and trials riding. Mountain unicycling, or muni, involves riding over any kind of rough terrain, whereas trials riding is all about riding over obstacles. Holm will explain how to descend the tough, slippery, terrain of muni and also how to navigate technical courses by hopping, gapping, dropping, using pedal grabs, still stands, and riding balance lines.

Check out Kris in the Ski Channel’s film “Winter“, where his technique on the unicycle is complemented by his zen-like personality on and off the mountain. In one scene, Holm rides just inches next to a 1,000 foot cliff with no safety harness, in another he is riding next to a guard tower on the Great Wall of China. He speaks of a mind and body connection, with a need for attention in the moment so strong, that it drives him to continue to push the limits.

For all our Canadian followers, be sure to tune in the interview with Holm on Global TV this wednesday to get a better understanding of what it takes to be a master in the art of mountain and trials unicycling!

I stumbled upon this video today, which was also posted by The Ski Channel and on the KH Unicycles facebook several months ago (October 2014).

It’s a great video!

Mountain Unicycling with Kris Holm- Winter Sessions

This must be the segment that was shown in The Ski Channel’s “Winter” film.
As far as I can tell that film was never released to download/rent/buy. It was shown in 2012-13 at organized “showings” at ski resorts/clubs.