New Film from Sean White: Disc Golf

We interrupt your regular program to bring you this update from Canada.

Sean White, internationally acclaimed filmmaker who I had the pleasure to work with making two Unicycle films (Unizaba and Into the Thunder Dragon), has released a new film called Snap. It’s about Disc Golf. I saw it last night and it is a must for anyone into Disc Golf. It’s the story of Sean’s brother and friends, working to make their favorite hobby into a bigger part of their life (ie making money at Disc Golf). It’s a fun project that Sean did, not for TV or anything, but it’s really funny and fun to watch. Just over 1 hour, I’d say rated PG-13, mainly for language.

Disc Golf and Unicycling actually have many things in common (besides there being many people who love both). They are both non-mainstream activities, almost covert at times, challenging physically and mentally, and super fun. for trailers and DVD order information. They ship to all over the world. I especially recommend the “Rock” trailer.


PS If you’re interested in what Sean’s up to these days professionally, I talked to him today and he is busy filming a TV series on photography all over the world. He’s off to Africa, then India and South Georgia (the antarctic one) on Monday. Back for Christmas. What a life!!

wow those guys are really good lol. that makes me want to play a whole lot more now, cause i havent gotten to play in a while. IDK about a disc golf movie, the only thing i could think of watching is the worlds dvd’s. especially from 2005 cause all those courses are all within 30 minutes of me. Sweet video though.

we played that in PE and it was fun