New Feat... A picnic table!

I was riding in the rain for a while. I headed down to the local park where I usually ride. I did all of the ledges and rocks that I usually do, but realised that I had to find a new challange.

The benches looked promising. They were high for benches though! At first, I was suprised that I could pedalgrab it (that suprisedness wore off quick). I got on it a few times and I just thought: wow. It was getting dark though, and I was getting a bit cold. I had been out in the rain for a while!

I started to head back home, on the way I saw this yellow picnic table under shelter. I didn’t expect to get anywhere on it. I tried the hop, and I made it up the first time, but I couldn’t get the landing. Second try: no good. Third, I made it to the seat! Then I tried the small(er) hop up to the table top. I made it! Then I hopped from the table top to the seat to ground. It was awesome.

I rode on this table a little while. I even tried to drop from the top down to the ground over the seat (not jumping off the end). I made the jump, but missed the landing. I decided to leave after because it was getting really dark.

It was awesome! Something new and bigger than before! Im quite pleased with myself and I cannot wait to meet with the Ottawa Unicyclists (or whatever we are called) this weekend!

The only bad thing is that the loctite only worked on one pedal, the other (the one I grab with) lost all of its pins. Even the ones on the side of the pedal that I dont grap with! Im guessing vibration caused this, but when you think about the pressure of over 100 pounds pushing down on ~0.25cm squared, you realise that there is a lot of pressure. I think that some 2 part epoxy will do the trick. Now I have to get some…

Anyway, it was awesome fun and I am so proud! Once again, yay unicycling!

That was an exciting story!!!
I hope to do some tables or ledges one day
It just goes to show how you need to keep learning new stuff or it can get dull!!!

its so fun to learn new stuff and progress.

That’s Awesome!

I love using tables as obstacles, too bad a lot of them at my parks are old and rickety, some have broke a little from me jumping from one to another.

You should try a pedal grab onto the table ledge, through your frame around, catch it, and hop off, its an easy and nice looking trick.

the next step is to hop straight to the table top, its not as hard as you think eh. but yeah, good stuff man

sigh i really wish i could do stuff like this but i can’t get my hop above like 4/5 inches. it’s because all i’ve got is this really heavy 20" learning uni that’s not good for anything but riding around, and the seat’s so hard even that’s not great. i’ve got my eye on a nice little trials one though … maybe for my birthday :wink:

And from the side too. Straight…no pre-hop.

And then learn how to rolling sif hop onto the top. And once you can do that, try 180 sif roll-hopping onto the table top.

I’m kidding. You don’t have to learn all of that stuff. But, sounds like a fun challenge anyway, eh?