New fat tire from Surly. - more grip than the Endo

I was cruising the b*ke forums and stumbled across this.

It is called the Larry, is slightly larger than the endo with a more aggressive tread.

Haha, the “Larry”? What’s next, the Moe and the Curly? lol! Seriously, what size is it? Tread is strange looking not sure how good it would be for tech MUni, but it’s interesting. WOnder what the max psi and sidewall stiffness is like.

It is a 26x3.8 - I doubt it will be of use to even those of us that ride 26s.

yah it won’t fit in most of our frames but for the lucky few with 26" conundrums this could be great…

It’s supposed to have a more rounded profile than the Endomorph; that could be a big advantage, since the Endomorph’s greatest problem is that its square profile makes it ridiculously bad on slanted/cambered surfaces.

I speculate that it’s the front tire for the Larry/Endomorph front/rear set. It has all the features common to a front tire of a set: taller wedge-shaped blocks oriented towards the direction of rolling with a definitive edge of tread for cornering. The Endomorph in contrast has more of the ‘paddle’ type of tread for traction while pedalling.

If I had a Conundrum I’d stick with the Endomorph, as this tire won’t have as much traction for pedalling/braking, and unicycles don’t really carve corners the same way a bike does due to their slow speed and poor pedal-to-ground clearance.

I have an Endomorph and I can’t imagine any scenario where it would be superior to this tire. The Endomorph is all but unrideable on cambered roads. Also, everyone says the Larry has more traction, not less. (Not that traction is generally an issue on unis).

I can see the increased rounded-ness being an improvement, but having ridden a ton of these types of pointy-tread tires on mountain bikes, my experience is that they have crap pedaling traction on loose terrain. The small amount of horizontal (relative to direction of motion) surface area just breaks through dirt, rather than grabbing it. Granted, that may not be a significant issue for your riding style and terrain.

I just skimmed the MTBR thread. The Surly honcho says its better for uni, so it seems like I don’t understand the Endomorph/Larry differences very well. Is it possible that unicycles have some influence on the tire design? :slight_smile:

yah it does look very much like a tire designed to be in front but just the fact that it has much deeper lugs would give it better grip in all directions. The endo has really shallow tread from the pictures I have seen.

Unicyclists might have been a factor in the decision to make it more round but I doubt we had anything to do with the front tire like tread design.

In my opinion the weakness of the endo as a downhill muni tire has nothing to do with tread, but rather weak sidewalls and too much all around mushiness. It does really rock in snow and sand and it’s a super fun, bouncy XC tire. I don’t think this new tread will add anything significant in any terrain, but I’d look forward to a report. I just bought a new Endo tire 2 days ago, had I’d known I’d have gone with the Larry just for kicks.

Are they just a novelty for bikes or do people actually use them for MTBing? Dunno why you;'d want that on a bike.

if thats a front tire it seemed to roll the wrong way :thinking:
for breaking the profile should roll the other direction :thinking:
or not :thinking:

I think that’s the correct orientation. When the tread is contacting the ground, the back (wide part) of the arrows face forward, in the direction of travel.

Here’s a story about one of the most impressive biking adventures; a solo crossing of the Canning Stock Route in western Australia. He did it on a Surly Pugsley, a Large Marge/Endomorph equipped bike, with an Endomorph-equipped trailer.

Sign at the beginning of the route: “There is no water, fuel or services between Wiluna and Halls Creek, over 1900km in length.”

Another great quote: “Good judgement of your own capabilities is the result of experience, but gaining that experience is often the result of bad judgement.”

The supper wide bike tires were originally and still mostly used for snow bikes which are most popular in Alaska. The whole idea is to have maximum float over loose terrain (snow)

They are also great on sand and in boggy areas etc.

exact that is drive direction but not the breake direction required for front wheel downhill…that´s what I thought

Iditarod Trail Invitational my dream race (on foot).

I have it from a reliable source at Surly that they just got out of the unicycle frame building business this last month and are in the process of liquidating the unicycle frames in stock at thier distributor, so I think its unlikely that the Larry tire was developed for any other reason than to support the Pugsley folks that wanted a front tire that wouldn’t wash out as easily.

This same source tried the pre-production Larry on a Surly unicycle and said it was a “way” better handling tire than the Endomorph. I’m holding out to buy a Larry for my 26 Surly - as Larry is supposed to be out sometime before Febraurary 2010 and this Larry’s new link on their parts section of the web site:

Now . . . I wonder if the Larry is as torso-friendly as the Endomorph at low pressure . . . I’ll test this and get back to you all.


Aparently what’s next is…

The Big Fat Larry! (check the July 11 post)

I wonder how close to 4.5" it really will be.

I might need to get a new frame.

Yay, and the Oregon is wide enough to handle a bigger tire, how cool is that!

Hopefully it’ll fit on the LM, hate to build an entirely new wheel…