New FAQ item - splined cranks


We are doing a major revision of our FAQ at in the UK. It is being re-structured and a lot of it is being rewritten. It is not complete, but is better than it has been.

But… realised that there is not much information out on the web on maintainance of splined cranks.

So have written a page on it;

Comments welcome.



Re: New FAQ item - splined cranks

Typo, I presume, or are splined cranks just wierd?


Splined has nothing to do with the pedals. L should be on L and R should be on R.

although i dont YET own any splined hub/crank setup i gave your FAQ a read, very good i thought apart form that typo pointed out by john.
no doubt it will come in use one day when i get off my arse get and get a job to support upgrading my uni’s.
keep up the good work & excellent service!


Thank you Roger,

very good job :slight_smile:


Very nice indeed, thanks.


I’d suggest using anti-seize, as recommended by Profile in their instructions. Grease would work too, but I prefer anti-seize, and Profile cranks even come with a small sample of it.

I’d suggest using the Profile tool first, before suggesting the mallet. The Profile tool is simple and easy to use for attaching (Profile) unicycle cranks, provided that it was included with the Profile setup. This thread might interest you Roger. I wouldn’t be too hasty in recommending the Profile tool for the removal of Profile cranks on a unicycle though, since it is designed for use on a bicycle. I think the Evercraft bearing puller is best for pulling them off, since it pulls the crank rather than pushing the axle (spindle) through. I’m could be wrong though, due to my inexperience with using the Profile tool to remove cranks.