new fall name

I was thinking, and possibly the most common fall in trials riding (aside from just not making it or falling off in the middle of somehing easy) would be when you gap or roll-up hop onto something, and you come up short with the uni, and not with the body. If some of you d’ont know what i’m talking about, this is demonstrated several times at the end of “Universe”.

So, like i say, if any of you still follow, i think we should make up a short name for this, kind of like UPD but different.

just a thought,


How about “face grab”? :slight_smile:


I tend to find it’s a “knee grab”… the wheel hits the corner, but doesn’t quite make it… it shoots off backwards, leaving you sat on an unsupported seat, while still zooming forwards. Down you go, thump! Landing on your knees.

Phil, just me

Knee grab! cool!:smiley:

How bout un-intentional knee grab or ukg?

hmm good work!

Hey Ryan

How about USG … UnSuccessful Gap?


How 'bout BAR or Band-Aid Required?

new fall name

Awww - TUMN!

Or, PGT, for “Protective Gear Test”.