New Extreme Uni Contest - The Coker Wall Climb!

As I was thinking about how much I wished the ramp at that skatepark was higher… the idea for a new uni contest suddenly occured to me… the Coker Wall Climb (well ok, I guess technically it’s a ramp… but the “Coker Ramp Climb” doesn’t sound as cool!)

The ramp should be about 20 feet high and pitched about the same as the one I’m riding in the video I posted. I figure I could probably currently get about 12 feet up the ramp with a little practice. If I were riding Blueshift or the Geared 36er, getting to the top of the 20 foot ramp should be achievable. The rules are simple: Whoever gets the highest up the ramp AND rides all the way down the ramp (and at least 20 feet away from the bottom of the ramp) without falling wins! The contest is similar to the “hill climb” in motorcycling, only in that event the motorcyclists don’t have to come back down the hill! I think non-unicyclists and unicyclists alike would enjoy watching this event. What do you think?

That sounds fun…we could also combine it with a seperate Coker contest…the Coker Gapping From Height Competiton

Yeah, I bet we could come up with a bunch of really cool events on the Coker. How many Cokerers do you think there are out there? Maybe we can get a figure on how many have been sold from the company. Ready for the 1st international Coker Games???

I just want to see Coker Jousting

We should do this at LBI! It would be awesome.