New England Unicycle Trials & MUni Day is coming!


I wanted to send out an announcement for a combo event for unicycle trials and a MountainUni demo/exhibition happening October 25th in Lynn, MA! This is a first annual event and hoping to create a big buzz for New England MUNI! This event will be held at the events field at Great Woods entrance to Lynn Woods in Lynnfield, MA. Balance beams, skinnies, teeter totters, pallets, high jump, pedal grab and a trials skills course will all be set up for a contest, exhibition and the biggest MUni group ever to decend on our Massachusetts trails. We will have donated prized and giveaways as well as a sizeable media contingent who will film the entire event for promoting unicycling in NewEngland. Reporters from both local and regional newspapers will be in attendance and will be hosted in conjunction with Diesel Bikes, a non profit organization who spend countless hours promoting trail maintenance, environmental responsibility and a focused on making Lynn Woods the premire downhill and freeride destination for Mass. Mountainbiking.

Some of you east coast-er’s I have already met through the NY & NJ MUni events that Scott B. and Joe Merrill have put on in the past, as well as the Killington VT trials event in 2007. We want to make this a memorable ONE day event to start, and pending interest and participation, our group has a vision of being the East Coast twin of Moab MUni Fest and Calif. MUni weekend! These are very successful events that do a fantastic job of promoting, and creating sport awareness for unicycling, and we’re hoping you can come out and showcase your UNI skills. More information to follow soon!

I will have further details posted to the events tab on as soon as possible. Would love to hear about your comments and interest through the forum.

All the best,
Jeff P.
Founder of Mountainuni LLC

This event sounds awesome!! Count me in. Do you have an appoximate start and end time yet?

I shall try my hardest to make it :slight_smile:

Hope you can make it!

We rode at both NY & NJ I believe? Hope you can make it Nick! I think I saw some of your Coker “one foot” footage, pretty impressive!

Yes… Coker one foot… Oh wait, that was me dreaming about having a Coker :wink: Wasn’t me one-footing or cokering, but I was in NY at Joe Merrill’s a few years back, and at Killington last year (my wife and I were the ones filming). :slight_smile:

MY bad

My Bad brother! Is there a chance you know any of the other VT, NH or Maine riders that would come to the event? There was another Nick from NYC who I saw on the most recent Brian MacKenzie film??

Anyway, hope you can make it and appreciate anyone else you might forward the thread along to!


East Coast MUni and Trials Event

Hi Kerv-

It will be a one day event starting at 9:00 AM and running til approx 4PM, on Sat October 25th. Depending on participation for the trials event, we should be able to get some good numbers recruited for MUni ride after the event as well. Looking at a solid 10-12 right now, and that’s just from my existing group, and the few who have responded so far.

This event sounds awesome!! Count me in. Do you have an appoximate start and end time yet

Damn, i genuinely thought you meant a new event in England.

There’s Brian Oley from NH/Mass (Goes to school in Boston), and a couple riders that I don’t really know in VT, plus one who’s not on the forums in VT. I’ve actually moved back to Canada, and might know a guy or two up here who are interested. I’ll try to make it down, but I’m also looking for work right now, and depending on if/what I find I’ll either have no money for the trip, or have to work that day :wink: And I think I broke my muni, but I’ll try! :wink:

I’m from southern NH. You can (hopefully) count me in to be there, probably not ride, but definetly shoot. I’ve been meaning to do some off camera flash/fisheye stuff of unicycling, and what better than trials?

I’ll definitely be there, I was at the other smaller event we had at the same location this spring and it was a blast. I can only imagine how much fun it will be this time around with more people.

Sounds like fun, however my wife is running a marathon in D.C. so I have kid duty all weekend. Hopefully next time. I live just west of worchester if anyone wants to ride sometime.

Sounds Great Conahhh! Can’t have too many filmers out there. How’s your editing skills? We should talk about a project if you’re up for it.

I’ve recently connected with a couple others in the Leominster area, and I’d be up for heading out there for a ride with a couple of the crew. Keep in touch. Jeff

Bring the kids, fun for everyone!

ONe of the guys in our UNI group has a 5 & 8 yr olds who will be there and they can both ride!

If we go we’ll be bringing our kid (though he’s still too young to ride ;))

Stop making excuses for him and get him on a wheel! :stuck_out_tongue:

Once he can crawl… He doesn’t even have the balance to sit upright on the couch, let alone a uni :smiley:

Wow! Imagine having a father known as Evil Nick? I foresee years of therapy ahead. Once your son is old enough, you will have a great time uni-ing together. I ride uni/muni with my two older boys (ages 11 and 13) and we have a blast. They can certainly out-ride me (which isn’t that hard to do). I love watching them tackle difficult terrain.

All three of us will be attending N.E. Trials / Muni day. This will be the first time we have attended a uni event and ridden with others. Looking forward to meeting you all and being inspired by your great riding. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to arrive until early afternoon. Looking forward to catching the tail end of the Trials competition and then doing the muni ride.