New England riders!: Rye Airfield?

Anyone is interested joining Bryan and I (maybe a few others) for a unicycle session at the Rye Airfield skatepark sometime in the new two weeks?

It’s an awesome indoor park. Check out some BMX comp videos on youtube/vimeo.

I Went to the 6-8:45 session last night, solo. Had a blast, the skaters were surprised to see a unicycle throwing down on big sets and rails.

Great place to learn new skills fast, especially in the winter. Its only 50 mins from Boston so I hope to see some MA. street riders will see this thread.

Anyways, any of you New England street, trials or muni riders reading this, come out and ride! or at least message me on facebook.

that is all,

  • Kaycee

hey, Kaycee!

We’ve got a few regular muni riders in Northern MA.
KB1JKi, MountainUni1, DavidP and me. DavidP and I both have trials unis as well. Speaking for myself, I’m not quite up to hitting Rye just yet (I just started riding last year). I know there are a few other MA riders that I have yet to meet. We should try to plan some rides this summer. :slight_smile:

I am up to go pretty much any time within a week’s notice.