New England Bike trials events

Here are some East coast outdoor trials events coming up that should be lots o’ fun. I’m going to try to make a few. Ben the one in Hingam Mass is a stone’s throw from you.


I was just looking at those events earlier today. Unfortunately the one in MA is happening during NAUCC in Minnesota. I’m going to look in to some of the other ones. By this summer Joey and I will be allowed to drive other people our age (Graduated licensing is wicked stupid), so we may be able to make it to several of them.

How many other people would be interested in going to these?


I hope to be able to make the RI one, as I should be in CT for a week or so around then. I would be able to drive up to three other CT unicyclists as well. I wonder where the TBD ones will be. I look forward to getting more information on this. Perhaps we can have the first New England Uni Trials Circuit.

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