New Echo 48mm rim (trials)

Some specs- echo 48mm
weight- 710g
30mm drilled holes
“Extra thick side walls, dent proof”

wayyy rad-er than a dx32…

Am i missing something or is there supposed to be something behind those holes? Wouldnt the tube be shoved up against them?
How much are they?

Yes. They use a very sturdy and wide rim strip. Bonus points if the rim strip is a nice bright color.

  1. you have rim strips…

  2. Im not sure yet… Im guessing around $60


Meh, that’s not much different from the Try-All rim, and at least the try-all comes in 19". In the end drilled rims are weaker, but if you don’t need the extra strength, they can be good. The try-all also has what appears to be a better, stronger profile.

In case it aint obvious, I lam biased a bit in favor of the rim i use.

BTW, John is right, they have super wide rim strips. Still, there is some bulge factor, but it just makes the tire a bit mroe squishy, which is nice.

And they come in green! bonus points. Now a decent green frame…

the thick rim strip you have to use must add to some of the weight you just lost by drillin those holes

32 holes only :frowning:

Seems very shallow i.e. not much distance between the two layers, but that might be because the rim is much wider than normal, 48mm seems a nice compromise between the DX-32 and the large marge (64mm), sounds like a great Muni rim that would give better tyre support than the DX-32 and still be light. Does the Try-All come in 24" and 26"?

Edit:Argh, no 24" version available.

so are those wider than the try-all?

i looked it up myself.
Try all 47 wide
Echo 48 wide

you can just lace your wheel differently