New DX problems

My New 07 DX just came today!!! However on the not so nice side I am having problems. I got the whole thing assemebled but when I try to put the seat in, it
is way to high (I am 5’10"). I measured the depth of the shaft and it is about 8
inches but the seat only goes in about 6 inches. I have ridden onewheelinwierdo’s 07 DX and not had any problems. I am not shure whether he
cut his seat post or not. Can sombody help. :thinking: :thinking: :angry: :angry:

you have to cut the seatpost. The length that it comes with at first is massive. onewheelinweirdo definately cut his down unless he bought it used or something.

oh, this is easy, just get a standars pipe cutter and cut the post off. That is what your supposed to do. they are relatively cheap to buy. just go to your local hardware store.

He might have cut his seat post. Just get a pipe cutter or hack saw and cut and inch off the post so you fit on right. Ive done this to All my seatposts.

Thanks I think I’ll go cut it now

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I know I already told you on the phone but: Yes.

any pipe cutter will work really, if you use a hacksaw, you may need to file it, and DON’t tighten your seat clamp too too tight, i broke mine the other day, but I have never seen another one broken

I used a friend’s hacksaw to cut my DX seatpost; took five minutes, and I didn’t even have to smooth the edge where I cut, since it went into the frame anyway.

so how do you like it? is it beastly enough for you?

i had to take a hacksaw too it also, that seat post is made for giant people. But, hey, better it be to big and have to cut it down than it be too small

its made that big intentionally
they can’t afford to offer 30 sizes of seatposts when you can just cut the thing

yeah, you are completley right, that is why i said “better it be to big and have to cut it down than it be too small”

Cut 5-1/8 inches off my DX seat post. They have to make em high for the big guys. I’m 5-8. Got a nice $10 pipecutter at Home Depot and it did it no problems. Be careful not to buy a PVC pipecutter–it looks like a big pipewrench and is designed to “snip” through plumbing pipe. Pipecutters for metal are little-ish guys, starting at just a couple of inches long and getting bigger depending on their features. Pay attention to the width of pipe they’re intended for–they specify a range of widths, for example, from 3/4" to 1-1/4". You clamp em on, and then go round and round the pipe, gradually tightening the clamp as the rotor blade cuts through the pipe.

I cut it on friday with our old pipe cutter. It took me about 45 minutes and I didn’t cut it long enough. The pipe cutter was falling apart so my dad bought a new one last Saturday. When I cut my post again Sat. afternoon, it took me 45secs with the new pipe cutter. I rode Sun. but now it is snowy so havent ridden since then. I LOVE MY NEW UNI

yes you have to cut it down, you can use a metal saw or a pipe cutter.

If you’re really cool, you can use a cold cut miter saw. No bur, no marks, no extra heat.

no no no!!!

If your really cool you’ll ask your dad who works at Boeing to hook you up with his friends to let you use the $1.5 million hydrosaw to shave a couple inches off your seatpost. :sunglasses:

Damn… you got me there…