New DX Price

Does anyone here think the price of $260 ebay shipped on the new 20" DX will lower in the spring?


Well even if it lowers, say, $30, wouldn’t you rather pay the extra $30 to have it 5 months in advance?

And I doubt it will get much lower than that for a couple of years, until the next model comes out.

There’s one here:

Edit -Oops, that’s the same one as you referred to. Sorry.

My uncle owns a bike shop and can order it in for a special dealers price of $190. i think im gonna get one after my Qu-ax falls apart. P.S. i got my qu-ax for a great price of $170


I figured that at $190 to the dealers, it isn’t going to get any cheaper.


Spudman, you bought one as well, right?

It’s on it’s way. I hope to get it next week.

When I do, I’ll post pics and give a little amateurs review.

UDC now has them for $259, down from $399 a little while ago.

Whoever bought one for $400 must really be mad.

and i bought the first one minutes before e39m5!
time for a celebration!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: