New DVD: "Unicon 16 Brixen" by Jess Riegel

Greetings everyone! My documentary film “Unicon 16 Brixen” is out on DVD and in-stock in North America and Europe!

Unicon 16 Brixen delivers a comprehensive view of the sport of unicycling as it documents the Unicycling World Championship & Convention in Brixen, Italy. Celebrating the spirit of unicyclists from all over of the world, the film captures the essence of competitions in mountain unicycling, trials, distance, freestyle, flatland, street, basketball, hockey, track and more. Fused with a uniquely Riegel soundtrack, Unicon 16 Brixen will entertain, inform, motivate and inspire!
Running Time: 47 minutes.

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Check out the trailer:

+Bonus Footage
+Unique Unicycles
+Director’s Commentary
+Bonus audio interviews (over 1 hour!)

Unicon 16 Brixen contains audio dialog with unicyclists Kris Holm, Maxwell Schulze, Márk Fábián, Krisztián Kovacs, Kazuhiro Shimoyama, Lutz Eicholz, Scott Wilton, John Foss, Yoggi, Martin Charrier, Žiga Sternad, Nicola Cassanelli, Arne Tilgen, and many, many more!

Thanks for the support!

Cheers, Jess

Got it today.
Yes, yes, as if we were back in Brixen for one hour…

I guess it have to be wieved a couple of more times, as it contained a lot of details. The three of us here did see “different things” as we watched the same movie.
(And, yes, I got my two seconds in the highlight :wink:

Thanks Jess!


We were wondering when it would be in the US. I just ordered mine. Is there any chance of seeing it in a higher res form? Also anyway to share it with other people in the future, such as vimeo etc?

That’s a compelling trailer.

Just seen it…
Thanks Jess for making a so much beautiful documentary!!!
But, without YOU ALL guys it wouldn’t be so lovely…
Thank you all the riders in the world!
I miss you all and I love you all!

Nicola Cassanelli

Thanks for the positive comments :slight_smile:

Zagira — the final destination is DVD !

Nicola — Thank you my friend for your spirit and contributions! :slight_smile:

Jess, thanks for shipping so fast. We watched it last night and really liked it. The editing is nicely done and the music is great. The slo-mo works out surprisingly well. It really took me back to a great 2 weeks in Brixen!


:slight_smile: Did you find the hidden section? hint: left