New DVD in the making!!!

Hey everyone!
This is Abbabibble here, telling yous all about my Amateur DVD that i’m mqking (note the amateur) I’ve been travelling to a lot of beautiful places as of late, and have made the desicion to attempt to make a DVD of unicycling in scenic places in the US, France, and anywhere else i happen to travel with a one-wheeled device.

I am in need of

  • a few sources of music(Jerreck, PM me about this)
    -freestyle riders
    -some BC riders (Spencer, UniMcpete, evan b.; PM me or email me at address below.)
    -DVD cover illustrations and ideas (Catboy, PM or emqil me at address below)
    -advice with DVD menu creation/authoring and publication (my dad does this for a living, and i’ll get plenty on the publicaton stuff, but even more is welcome.)

Thanks for your help and such in advance,
-Ab, World-travelling, pond hopping Unicyclist.
EDIT: forgot the email:

do u want people to e-mail u clips and u edit it and make it into a dvd?? or r u going to be doing all the filming?

You should PM Brian MacKenzie…he has alot of knowledge about makin movies…hes real good at it.

yah that would be really cool to make a movie compilation full of ametuer riders instead of a pro uni movie. kudos to you

Hey I could do freestyle stuff maybe. Send me a PM or just post here with details. I dont really have too many scenic places to ride though.

Get some muni in there. Terrybigwheel has lots of good footage.

I sent a PM, just waiting for one back. =p

yeah its like that with a scenic approach. I’m attempting to make it as diverse in its scenery as it is in people.

i doubt you’ll be coming down under :wink:

i’d love to come on down under, but i can’t afford the plane ticket…
or else i would. that and i have no place to stay.

well if you ever get down here im sure these plenty of people who’d be willing to ride with you especially in the eastern states.

i promised Oz i’d come back one day… maybe it’ll be sooner than i think!

I’ve just realized that i have no street riders for my video. amatuer street riders PM me for more info.

Also, i need some cover art and a logo for the DVD case… i’m going to do my own draft, but i want some more options to choose from, so i’m putting out a call for those of you who have ideas for one for me to send it to me via email.
I need a logo possibly as well to go with the cover art. The name of the movie is ‘Napoleon Complex’ and it needs to be incorporated into the logo art.
Hand-drawn, B&W work d for the background and color for the logo are preferred, but all entries will be considered and the requirements may change as time goes on.
UNICYCLE-RELATED artwork is a must as well.

I can’t crankflip, but I can clear 6 stairs, 180 unispin, seat drop, 180 down 3 stairs and hop relatively well. I can also grind and a bunch of other stuff. could I be in it?

also, I didn’t understand, are we going to send you clips or meet you or something?

i don’t know. I need to get the logistics planned out, but if some california guys went out, it wouldn’t be until mid/late august, because i’m in france right now. But so far it’s looking like certain people would have to send in either

A) super-high quality clips via email


B) their clips in Mini-DV tap format via Snailmail.

I’m in san diego, but I don’t know how far I am from truckee. I’ll do a search on it now.


edit: lol the estimated travel time is 9 hours. I’ll probably send you clips when I get around to fliming myself then.

Are you interested in UK riders? I could get a loada people together and get some Uk footage.

Rock on!

definately interested in UK riders,
still need people.
PM me for info.

i’m practicing for some of the meagaxawesomex clips


I have 2 local(ish) bands donating songs, and i have the box cover artwork done, thanks to Intotheblue, and it just needs the back, which will be edited on later.

I have riders from the UK, USA and possibly Australia, (MAX PFIEFER AND PRESIDENT LUKE, PM ME!)

I have no exact ERD (estimated release date) but i’m hoping to have it done and out by sometime in February.