NEW: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame...

Coming soon: The New Titanium Kelm… Lighter, Faster, Stronger…

On 26 Sept I was at a tech rehearsal for a big show that I was performing in. I was in the midst of my act and I was riding my new Yuni MUni down the stairs from the Terrace Level in the back of the auditorium and making my way toward the stage. Part way down I was pitched forward off the MUni. This was weird since I had practiced this stair run many times earlier in the week with out any dismounts. When I landed my foot and leg locked and attempted to bend in a direction they have never bent before. Needless to say I heard some snap, crackle, pop. Before I sat up I knew I was in serious trouble. I did not attempt to move any further. Someone please call 911.

The Paramedics and EMT’s soon arrived and gave me a prognosis of a ripped/torn ligament or cartilage and recommended I see a doctor. They offered me a ride in the van with flashing lights but I decided to save some money and get my own ride. They helped me to my friends car and sent me on my way.

I was admitted to the Emergency Room at the hospital pretty quickly and the Doctor there gave me about the same report as the EMT’s. I thought I would get a splint, some crutches and be sent on my way. He didn’t think x-rays would show much but they took some just to be sure… at this point they had given me some pain meds that really weren’t doing much. When the doctor returned with the developed x-rays he had a look on his face that I can only translate as this, “you should be screaming.” The Dr. informed me that I had broken my Tibia horizontally just below the knee. I also had a horizontal break where my Fibula had separated. He then offered me some morphine.

My leg was put in a splint/cast for the time being. I was taken out of Emergency and admitted to the hospital. I was put in the queue for surgery while they began the search for a Doc. that could put me back together again. After the 3rd referral they found a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Specialist that could do the job.

I was admitted for surgery at 730a on 28 Sept. I woke up at about noon with a Titanium Plate reinforcing my leg, Nine screws to hold it together, 32 staples and the worst physical pain I’ve ever experienced in my years on this earth. I was in the hospital for two more days taking any and all pain medication they dared to give me. Am I ever glad to be off the meds, for someone who has worked 20 years to establish a solid sense of balance…that untethered floaty feeling is not fun!

The current prognosis: I have a large brace holding my leg in place and I have to wear it for 8 or 9 more weeks. I can’t put any weight on my leg during that time. And then I get to learn how to walk again. Doc says I should be able to recover 100% but it’s going to take a lot of work and pain to get there. I have to regain my range of motion, my strength and muscle control. I’ve had to cancel all my programs until April. My goal is to be riding well enough to perform by then.

Today is my first time home for any length of time. My apartment has lot’s of stairs so it just wasn’t practical to be home. I’ve got enough strength and energy to get out and about a bit, but I’m still pretty dependant on friends and family for a lot of things. Stuff like this changes your life. It’s good to be back and have access to the group again. I know there’s a plan, a hope and a future for me. It’s a hard road, but I’ve always liked challenges…

Thanks to ya’ll for the thoughts, prayers and support. And since I won’t be riding for awhile, go out and do one for me: an extra mile, a trick, a gap, a drop, a trail ride, a rail slide, a one foot ride. Do it an be VERY thankful you have both legs in good working condition! Hopefully I’ll be able to join you soon.

WOW! What an experience. Glad your up and around. Stay positive and get better. Good luck.

That’s awful! :frowning: I thought it was bad when I sprained my ankle last year and couldn’t ride for a month, but you ride for a living! I’ll be praying for you! :slight_smile:


That’s bad news Dustin yet you still managed to write it in an upbeat way, keep smiling and I hope you recover quickly.


Injuries have been kicking my ass for the last year. Seeing the cycles at times was more taxing than I could take, and I had to turn my back on the wheel, for a while… made things a little easyer. What ever way get’s you through!

I’m glad that you have people who love you near by to be there for you… more valuable than anything, really.

The Bone Cutters aren’t cheep; are you doing ok in the green-back department? Not alot of self employed athletes with comprehensive health insurance. Let us know if we need to pass the hat or start a benifit auction.

Mend soon, mend well.


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I wish you a speedy and painless recovery.

Since that’s not happening, did you at least get your injury on tape?

Here’s hoping your recovery goes faster and less painfully than that
dinner at Denny’s. Now THAT’s actually possible!

David Stone

Co-founder, Unatics of NY

Dustin that blows man, Good luck to you and I’m sure your’ll have a speedy recovery us Unicyclist seem to be determined, so recovering from injuries should be less time right?

I have a question for you did you get the strangest looks in the hospital when Dr’s Nurses asked how’d you do that?

This last spring I fell from a 6’ uni and sprained my ankle pritty bad. So I went to the hospital and people didnt believe me. Or their jaws droped to the floor and they said I knew that stuff was dangerous.

Well anyway Good Luck to you again


I hope you are feeling better from the surgery.

And I bet you will be back and riding in no time, you just need to find something to pass the time… you could write on this forum 24/7, then you could pass harper’s post number…



PS keep up the great attitude and maybe this would be a good time to practice hand pedaling (or not)

Re: Re: NEW: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame…

I Much also wish a speedy recovery, but he was only practicing for the preformance, not actually preforming. People dont commonly tape preformance practicing…

I wish you a quick and full recovery. It was great meeting and riding with you at UNICON. I hope we see you riding again next convention!


Re: NEW: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame…

I hope you heal quickly so you can get out there and taco more wheels. : )
Pull your socks up. : D


Re: NEW: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame… writes:
>David Stone wrote:
>> Since that’s not happening, did you at least get your injury on
>> tape?

>I also wish a speedy recovery, but he was only practicing for the
>preformance, not actually preforming. People dont commonly tape
>preformance practicing…

No, I realized that. But if Dustin had planned to injure his knee in order
to justify that titanium frame, then he might have asked the engineer to
tape him. Or it could have been Dustin’s long-awaited tryout for Jackass.
One merely wonders.

David “My-life-has-been-one-long-tryout-for-Jackass” Stone
Co-founder, Unatics of NY

Hey man, sorry to hear about that all! I had knee surgery last year, which stopped my fun for the better part of 9 months… Just know this: You’ll heal eventually, so don’t stress too much! Good luck!

Also: Nice to see some fellow actors about. Theater is the other half of my life (aside from unicycling!) What show was it you were doing? I’m in the midst of preparing for a November show of Cyrano de Bergerac myself, so, here’s wishing you all the best!

Re: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame…

And you think they’ll believe that story at airport security?

Take care and do all of the therapy.


Hey Dustin!
I clicked on this topic because i thought you had invented a new titanium kick butt uni frame, pshhh…so much for that.
I feel compassionate towards your accident, but I know all will turn up well. The voice of the good Shepard will guide you through the hard times. I pray you will receive your healing quikly without lots of pain.
Get well soon dude!!


i know have more respect for dustin than i did before. which is lots. anyways, yeah Godspeed with that recovery.


I saw you ride this summer. I know how good you are. I know how much more that will make you miss not being able to ride. The income is one thing but the passion you have for riding is really a driving force that will leave a hole in your life for awhile.

My 10 miles on the Coker tomorrow are for you. The pedals are bright yellow. My backpack sways as I ride and I can hear the orange juice in my lunch gurgling in its plastic container. The air is clean and crisp but it’s still well above freezing. I’m pedalling hard enough that I remain too warm for gloves or a windbreaker. Cars go by and slow down as the drivers try to comprehend what they are looking at. I drop down a steep hill to Green Lake Park where a thin mist covers the lake like a silk sheet. I am reaching each traffic light as it turns green and groups of bicyclists part to let me through as they greet me, “nice ride”. I am in a city of a million people and I am alone atop a giant, single wheel except for my titanium legged companion who rode with me this one morning.

Re: NEW: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame…


Not an easy post to read ! Sorry to hear about your recent accident.
Take it easy… get some rest… you’ll be up at riding again soon.

Take care,


Re: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame…

Dustin I’m really sorry to hear about your accident. But I know you actually
will be able to recover 100.0%. I did it once from a climbing injury that
was similar but not quite as bad as yours. Some people might be satisfied
with the relatively easy 90-95% part of the recovery, but I know you won’t.
You’ll work for it and you’ll feel great when you get there. And you’ll be
back performing by April.

Good luck to you and stay positive!

Beaming healing thoughts across the country,


I know what its like to be laid up with only one leg available. Get some fore-arm crutches, you won’t regret it.

Ice is nice. Get well soon…