NEW "Dueling Munis" Video by the Old guys!

Hey y’all!

Me and Jim Dugue hit the Aliso Woods Trails (above Laguna Niguel) Saturday and had another smashing good time! Not as many UPDs this time around, even though we braved the super technical “Rockit” trail. We’ve done this one once before, but faired a bit better this time. Although our muni riding is still ultra-basic, hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and the way the video is put together, including some funny bits added at the beginning, middle and end! We also got some terrific “input” from some MTB-ers and hikers along the trail. All in all, it was a three hour BLAST! :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


In the words of Trials_uni, Dling now.

me too, it should be good

downloarding noo.

hahaha that first bit is awesome

Thanks. I had the idea when I noticed the “banjo”-like shape of my trials when laid on its side, so I thought it might work just as well with the munis. We had fun doing it, but getting the timing down was a challenge. We actually nailed it on the third take!:slight_smile:

good, i always enjoy watching your progression as you make videos :]]]

What I’d give to be 35 years younger! But “old dogs” can still learn new tricks…just not as fast or as easy!

lol just keep worki on it!

oh yeah. whe you guys do drops and stuff, try not to stiffin up, be loooooose. and let your legs and back take the shock. its way easier.

Thanks for the good advice Riley! We’ll work on that.

that first part made the WHOLE video. It was GREAT!

the fine art of spoke adjustment.
hooooo… yeah, boy-eeee!

yeah, the start of that video was sweet. dueling banjo’s roxors i have that on VINYL!! the cover has all these random mountain folk on it.
my only suggestion is that that tough rocky part would be way fun if done twice or three times as fast. just boost over it and forget about the consequences!

thats the cover i remember!

I noticed on some of the traisl, there a pretty technical stuff to the side of you guys, I know you could get over that stuff, just try to go a little faster and charge it, I know you can do it. =p

The first part was by far the best thing I have ever seen on any unicycling video. keep up the great riding!

Great intro! Every ounce of creativity and new thoughts are welcome to the world of home made unicycling videos.

A thought: when you ride over rough terrain, lower the saddle. Then you can stand up and place more weight on your pedals. This lowers your center of gravity. Anyway, good muni riding from both of you.

The beginning was probably the most creative thing i have ever seen in a uni vid. Good job.

The riding wasnt bad either!


Nice video!

Good to see some fellow oldsters out there having fun. I need to get a video camera now.

Funny, and I loved it!
That one should be required watching for everybody :slight_smile:
Definitely a keeper.

Great intro. I love the commentary as well. Most videos remove all sounds from filming and just use music, but you had a good mix. Nice job, keep it up.

Thanks for the video it was AWESOME!

That looked really good! The banjo muni intro was hilarious. Those were some some really technical trails you were riding. I think if you went just a little bit faster, it would be easier for you to roll over some of those rocks. The MTBers and hikers were funny.