New DM Unicycle !

Hi Fellow Unicyclists,

About a month ago I commissioned DM Engineering (of DM Unicycle fame) to make me
a Mountain Unicycle, which he christened the DMATU (D.M. All Terrain Unicycle).
Now its been made, bought, riden (not a lot), and for your pleasure, digital
camera’ed, HTML’ed and WWW’ed.

So have a look:

Tell me what you think.

Most importnantly: remember this is reality, you too could have a “DMATU”, its
not a once off thing that you may never live to see !

For those of you who live in the UK, you might just see me larking around at the
summer Polaris Mountain Bike (Uni?) Challenge Event, 13tt/14th June. (That’s
this weekend !)

Happy Uni-ing all.



-sorry if you get this twice, some ng/web/mail is broken here.
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