new digy cam

at my work picnic i won the cheapest digital camera in the world…so cheap that there is no name brand…?

no flash

fixed focus

100% plastic


J_C you wonder?, what the hell Sir Gilbus doesnt have a care in the world…see you in Tohoe…

this is a pic of my true life as a unicyclist…

jagur imposed.jpg

I like that picture. Well done!

  • Frank

It looks like an Andy Warhol painting. Not bad for a P.O.P. (piece of plastic) camera! Now to enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

I too received a peice of junk camera for free, that turned out to be not so much of a peice of junk. I went to a free seminar, because they said they were giving away free stuff just for coming. I got a polaroid Digital 320. Runs on a 9v battery and actually takes dang good pictures from a range of about, 10-50 feet. Its like .4 megapixels and any close ups come out like Jagur’s. No zoom or screen. Infact you only have an on off swutch and a picture button. But still, free crap is the best crap in the world!

its acually takes them a little better than the one up top. i was in a dark and dingy tavern. heres one in day light.

Quick, take a picture of your camera, before you offer it up for trade.:smiley:

Even if it is crap, it still gets pictures on the web, with no waiting. Congrats on your new toy.

Now if Chirokid could get his boss to give him a free one.:wink:

Mine is actually quite a bit blurrier than yours. It isn’t even compatible with xp. But i found a driver on the web, so it does work now. Ill try some PSing and see if i can better the qualityof some images.

Hey Jagur, is that your muni? It’s nice! Also, where’d you get the carbonfiber handle. I only remember Scott (?) (ohhh, I’m shamefully bad with names) made those, and only for leftys. They’re nice!

yes,free is a very good price