New Dgtl Camera. 1st try

This is my first try at attaching a picture. These are my girls. Ellen is on her 16" and Sarah is riding our new 5 foot Giraffe. The room is where Memphis Unicycle Club meets.

Ok, here we go…

My gosh! How do I make it smaller?

This should be 25%

tall & small uni.jpg

That’s good stuff, MM! Thanks for the pictures. Beautiful girls, too.

In what facility are you riding? Looks like a great place for the meetings. Are your meetings there?



If you had a software package that came with your camera (you resized the photo so I assume you did) you can play with the various filters (brightness, contrast, sharpen, blur) to come up with this in a couple of minutes. Chris loves to photo-edit to make people look silly if nothing else and I’m certain he would be happy to show you the ropes.

Very cooool…yes, Harper, I’m getting tempted!


Photo editing is evil.

J. O’Lantern

A nice freeware graphics program is Irfanview.

It’s not really a photo editor, but it can resize, adjust contrast, adjust brightness, etc. When resizing the picture it actually resamples the picture instead of just taking away rows and columns of pixels. One thing it doesn’t do is remove red eye and things like that. The things I like about it is that it’s better than some other utilities at resizing pictures because it resamples, and it’s good at saving pictures in different formats like jpg, png, gif. Oh, and it’s free.

Also try The GNU Image Manipulation Program at

It has all the standard import and export options, brightness & contrast, sharpen and auto-leveling functions. GIMP also has lots of fun features like “emboss” effect, blur, and oil paint.

If you have a bunch of photos and you need the same function applied to all the photos, then you might like to write a batch file and use the Image Magick command line tools from

With Image Magic you can resize, auto-level, sharpen and perform lots other fun algorithms.

Note: For simple photo editing, I’ve only ever needed “auto-level”, sharpen and resize. The other transformations are fun if you are trying to get artistic.


photo editing is not evil at all. In fact, it is an invaluable tool of you want your digital pics to look like something other than crap, unless all variables are perfect in location, light, etc… I happen to always crop, resize and adjust gamma/brightness on my pics. Booya.

Oh yeah, digital cameras rock. Down with film.

Oh I was just kidding of course. I edit practically all my digital pictures in some way, shape or manner. I was referring to my earlier post of myself as Mr. Jack-O-Lantern Head.