New Custom Street Uni

Hey, I’ve been working on this uni since about November when I broke my LX, and I finally got it put together about a week ago. I love it :smiley:


From Darren Bedford (

  • Red powdercoated KH 2007 19" rim
  • 36 black DT champion spokes
  • 19" tube
  • Red powdercoated 20"3" frame w/ 10" black flame stickers
  • Triple bolt seat clamp
  • Generic Seat Post

From Rennegade Juggling (

  • rev3k/index.html):
  • Koxx Reinforced Hub
  • Koxx Reinforced Cranks (110mm for street and freestyle)
  • Try-All Tire

From UDC (

  • KH Street Fusion Gel saddle

From My House

  • LX pedals (I have some Odessy Twisted PC's in the mail)
  • Duct tape rim strip
  • Black electrical tape and red duct tape (the silver seat post looked horrible)

I had some more pictures, but the’re in the wrong format or something, so I can’t upload them. I’ll try to get them up later. Anyway, the uni is great. If anyone wants a review of anything on it, I’d be happy to post one for you in that fourm.

me and uni.bmp (486 KB)

nice, you should get some real rim tape though, if you put the duct tape the way i think you did, all sorts of crap will stick in the eyelets.

Really cool, that looks good.

very nice. keep the LX pedals though (in my opinion)

the tape on the seat post is kinda weird but cool

beautiful uni!!! love the red and black color scheme!

gotta switch out thoes plastic pedals though buddy! try these:

trade good cheap plastics for not so good not as cheap overly sticky metals…
LX pedals rock.

…I don’t know, i like them, but i ride trials. Does it make a difference? (please excuse my ignorance)

Hmm well I thought about that, so I made the strip out of 2 strips of duct tape (one stuck to the stick side of the other). So, it’s not sticky at all, and It’s pretty strong (and free :smiley: ).

Hey, forgot to say, I got the other pictures up on my myspace if you want to take a look. (click on “pics” under my picture)

well its set to private but whatever. Looks sweet. Have fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats a pretty sweet setup nice :smiley: 110’s are small lol though, i rode 125’s the other day and i was like WTF

Were they much harder to ride with or much more fun to ride with?? :smiley:

what was the total price of that sexy beast?

Hmm well I don’t really like the LX pedals, but when my Twisted PC’s wear down, I might get some Jimmy C’s. I heard those were pretty good. I have the Twisted PC’s on my bike, and I like them a lot.

Well… I don’t really know, because a lot of the stuff was a gift. But if I had to guess, I’d say somewhere around $500. About the same as a KH.

I really like the short cranks! It’s so easy to get speed, and I don’t have a problem controlling the uni at all. Hills are kind of hard though…

I changed it so anyone under 18 can view my profile (I don’t have an option to make it so everyone can see it).

Oh, I weighed it yesterday and it came up as 10lbs. on the dot. But I have a hard time blieving it, because it’s just a little bit heavier than my LX, which is about 11lbs…

one more question. did you build the wheel yourself?

No, I get free labor and 20% off in-store stuff at my LBS. So, I had him build it for me. That’s where I’m getting my Twisted PC’s too.

thats sweet, howd you come by that discount do they sponsor you?

Yes indeed :smiley:

Idk, It’s kind of a rip off though. He makes me pay 10% EXTRA for stuff he has to order out for. And, naturally, he doesn’t carry any uni stuff.

well thats whats UDC’s for. i only use my LBS for labor, so if they sponsered me id be pretty happy

psh, bedford and compulsion is cheaper.