New Custom Coker Finished

I finished building my new coker frame Memorial day weekend and have temporarily painted it until I can get it powder coated probably this winter. I built the frame out of a Fisher mountain bike fork with a 1 1/4" stem which will fit a 27.2mm seatpost. I heated and straitened the fork and then brazed on five inch extentions from another fork with a inner coupler. And I got the QR bearing holders from Jim_Rob which work great. The wheel was built by Jon Sapp with an airfoil rim, UDC wide hub and Tommi Miller spokes three cross. I used an Odyssey V brake instead of Maguras for simplicity and for easy wheel removal and an avid brake lever. I modified the GB handle by brazing on a brake lever mount in the middle and plan to extend the handle length of one or both of the handles by an inch so that the lever isn’t the first thing to hit the ground.

It rides like a dream compared to my stock coker, I am amazed at how much more nimble it feels. I am very pleased with how it turned out. It took a long time to get the parts together and get it built but it was worth it.:slight_smile:


Here’s another pic.


Wow, that looks cool! The saddle matches John Childs’ favorite shorts!

Here’s a close up of the QR bearing holders and the fork leg extensions.


And here’s the GB handle.


Nice job. Enjoy it. How long did it take from start to finish?

170MM cranks hey?

Thanks, I started ordering in January the big hold up was the airfoil rim then there was about a month between having the wheel built and starting on the frame. It only took me about three days to build the frame and finish it after that. So early January to end of May, five months. I realy wasn’t in a hurry because I had my stock coker to ride and there isn’t much riding to do in the winter here. I would have liked to have compleated it earlier this spring but so it goes.

Yep, 170mm Kookas, the hills are steep around here.

Thanks, yea, it’s a Roach seat cover but I didn’t know about John 's shorts.

Looks great Dan. Have a blast riding!


I agree… looks way cool!

Is Jim_RoB manufacturing the QR frames/parts for orders or is he just doing you a small favor? I’m pretty interested if he’s starting to take orders.

Thanks Everybody, I am enjoying it, it is nice to have it together.

Catboy Jim is planning on producing the QR bearing holders and I think frames as well. I got mine ahead of production but I think that they may be available by now. I think you can email him from the forum but if not you can get his email from the Moab Munifest website.

The QR Bearing holders work great, with the V-brake I can remove the wheel in about thirty seconds, and it only takes about a minute to put it back together. Its nice because then it fits in the trunk of my car with ease. Without taking the wheel off it won’t go in with the GB4 handle, My stock coker would fit without taking it apart since I only had a miyata handle. It would be just as easy to have a QR seatpost clamp and remove the seat but I would still have to release the brake cable. But I think its cool to have a quick release wheel. :smiley:

Thats a nice looking Coker errr 36"