new crazy stuff at Falls city

Falls City is turning it a freakin roller coaster park. i havent been there in months and last Sunday we saw some insane new stunts being built.

there are pix here.

scroll down past the older ones to see the new stuff.

I dub that wall ride “The Mohawk” :slight_smile:

when i saw it i dubbed it " the wooden sunrise"

as you can see, in the place where i am standing there will be another full riding surface lower than the vert high run. its insane how you have to come off a log to hit it. i’ll be sure to post a pic of it when its done.

it’s nuts to think how fast you’d have to ride that log to make the higher run…damn.


the wooden Sunrise is done…Troy, pictured standing is 6 foot 5 inches.

Re: new crazy stuff at Falls city

On Mon, 1 Aug 2005 23:14:15 -0500, “jagur” wrote:

>the wooden Sunrise is done…

Excellent name and beautiful stunt. But, what’s with the extra wheel?

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OK. Um . . . .
Seems like that “rolling trials” guy has been pretty silent lately.

(/Wondering how far the best unicyclist could get on this one)