new cranks what should i get?

im getting new cranks from this is the uni i have now will these cranks work for that? if not what should i get?

as far as i know, the cotterless hubs are universal for the size of the part that goes onto the hub, thats why i have never been asked what sizze i need when i bought new cotterless cranks, so yes, those will work =p

thanks, im ordering now. ive been away from riding for 2 long(3 days):frowning:

3 days is too long, =p

are the ones you have busted? or do you just want new ones?

Actually not all square tapers are exactly the same, but seeing as the cranks and uni are both made by Qu-Ax they will deffinitely fit.

All square taper cranks and axles should have the same taper.

Yeah they should, but apparently some made in the far east differ from the rest minutely, normal cranks fit them fine but come loose quite quickly. I can’t remember who told me this now, it was on this forum somewhere.

yes and yes and yes 3 days is waaaay to long