new cranks coated with truck bed liner! (pics)

I just got my summit cranks back from the shop where they coated them with spray-on truck bed liner! The process heats the stuff up to 200 degrees, then they spray it on with a special machine. I asked them to make the coating fairly thick, and smooth as possible. Looks like it came out great! The hope is it will protect the cranks against hard surfaces when crank grabbing and grinding, etc. I thought it would be worth a try because otherwise I was tearing those poor cranks up pretty bad, and they’re not cheap to replace! And it is supposed to be way more durable than paint, but we’ll see. I’ll also post new pics of my summit’s new paint job later today:D

PS: It kinda looks like there’s a ding or a white-ish mark on the crank, but that’s just a refelction.



So far they look great, didnt you do the frame of two of your unis too?

Well, now you gotta get out there and abuse them and then come back to tell us how they hold up, if i hear good results i might and get this done to my cranks =p

I decided not to do the frame because they only had black, and I wanted a contrast plus paint will give me a more “even” finish, as that crank process is a bit “bumpy” in spots, and so I decided to have the frame stripped, then I primed it,sanded it, and I’m just about ready to paint it…you’ll have to wait to see the color!:slight_smile:

Aww, i see =p guess i will have to wait then, hopefully ill get my torker dx today while im waiting though, ups says it reached my city (spokane) yesterday at 11, then was sacnned for delivery at 3pm, so im hopping its here today =p

How did you protect the spindle splines and the pedal threads from getting coated?

Good question. I used closed-end foam cut a little larger than the openings, and just pushed it in, then cut it flush. worked perfectly. :sunglasses:

Why do you need any protection on your cranks? Do you want to hide the fact that you’re grinding? Those scars on your cranks are marks of pride!

I’ve never heard of anyone replacing their cranks 'cause they’ve done too many crank grabs. Your cranks are pretty beefy hunks of metal, they can take years and years of abuse and still handle big drops. You’ll most likely bend your crank way before it fails from abrasion.

You make good points. I guess it was just something to do. And if it does add some protection, that’s ok with me too.:smiley:

do they still slide okay? that stuff looks pretty slick.

HAven’t tried it yet; gotta finish the paint job on the frame. I plan on spraying the bottom of the cranks with this stuff I use in my Piano tuning business. It’s called McLube, and it puts a thin, hard, highly slippery coating on surfaces, so it’ll add that bit more “slide” potential, I hope. I’m really not yet up to grinding, but the crank grabbing will telll the tale. More to follow…:slight_smile: