new cranks ahhhhhhh

Omg I have been locking fore a new pair of square tapper cranks fore like 2 mounts and I have not been able to ryde ive checked all the bike stores around and I have ordered stuff but they just call me back saying that the company doesn’t carry them anney more I could order the from but I did it up and by the time they got here it would cost like 50 bucks so does anney 1 have a pair of 125 mm square tapper cranks I live in Canada nova Scotia thx ……… Tim j

Have you tried division 8 yet. Will said he was getting try-all square tapers some time in December.

that is the longest run-on sentence of a WTB post i’ve ever seen.

but anyway, no i don’t have one.
Try division8.
People who have these brakes don’t really like to sell them much, because they’re expensive and are really good.