new crank idea [Design and tech major project]

heyy guys i was just wondering what the
whole situation with cranks is. ive been thinking
about what i will be designing and making for
my major work in design and tech and was thinking
of making a new unicycle crank. it would be similar to
KH/Onza and Koxx street cranks and in a 125mm length
these would be a street specific crank and would be heavier
toward the hub and lighter at the end to enable faster and easier
flips and spins.

i would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this product
and any additional ideas that you think would be a nice new
feature in unicycle cranks.

and finally how much you would be prepared to pay for a pair
of specially designed cranks made in a limited quantity.



What material would the cranks be made of? And are they going to be solid? Is it possible to have thin cranks with some sort of strengthening exoskeloton for saving weight.

Have you seen the new kris holm cranks that extend past the hub by 3cm for easier unispins and flatland tricks althoguh they do make crankrolls harder. That would be a feature you could consider.

It’s a good idea to have most of the weight towards the hub and less towards the pedals but is that possible. Surely it would be too difficult to take weight off the pedal end without weakening that part of the crank too much.

I would be prepared to pay £30-£40 for some decent cranks but only if there had been some degree of testing of the cranks.

What crank length had you got in mind and would there be any Q factor.

at the moment the cranks would probably be made
out of a steel alloy, which would retain the lightness of
alloy but increase the strength.

and also with the weighting of the cranks i would making
sure that the whole idea would be almost flawless.

the whole crank at the moment is a very vague idea, and
i am asking the direct consumers for their opinions to make sure
as many of the problems faced by the people who will be using
them are being taken into consideration.

also the price would vary depending on the amount of cranks being
produced. As professionally machining the cranks could be extremely

They would fit the KH and Nimbus ISIS hub right?
I would think pirice around £70 all depending on what material you use.
You should also test them by offering a few pairs to some street riders, like
peleschramm and scrobo also flat riders like Spencer H maby iff they rode
them hard for a few months and thought they were great i might consider buying some.

yeah they would be designed specifically for the
current hubs in use. ( nimbus/KH isis) and also
baing in Australia they would most likely be tested by
professional Australian riders.

also they would probably not be in production
for quite a while. mainly because they have to be designed,
prototyped, made, tested, and then also used for my schoolwork.

but if they turned out to be a great success im guessing up to
30 or so pairs could be created to order.


Good idea.
Make them a little less…uh…cranky.
especially in the mornings.

thanks. :S