New crank flip trick?

Ha s anybody done a full crank flip forward, than a full crank flip backward, completing both motions while still in the air? That would be pretty awesome to see! :sunglasses:

I’ve seen Loic do it in a Video I think. It looked awesome! And I though about it too, I dont know how it’s called though:p It must be so hard!

i think itd be really hard, but maybe possible? you’d have to ask one of those guys that can do like hicktriples or something :smiley:

It’s called a flip to underflip or something like that. It is pretty cool.

I got the idea when I saw Forrest Rackard do something similar. At about the :54 mark he does a crank flip/1 spin combo, but before landing it he pushes the tire with his foot a bit at the 90 degree mark.

Flip-underflip, Loic and Krisz have both done it on video.

Pat has done a crankflip-crankflip in the same hop, as well.

edit: What Forrest does is called an outkickflip. It’s a 180 unispin from seat in, but he kicks the tire to initiate the crankflip.

Do you have links to the “Flip-underflip in the same hop” video(s)?

Another cool trick would be a 360 or better unispin while on a tall skinny! Maybe it’s been done, but I don’t think I’ve see anything like that. And I’ve yet to see a complete “uni-frame whip” all the way around either forward or backward, ending up in the same starting position, then riding away! And on solid ground not a trampoline, lol.

Yes, just a moment. This trick has also been done with a 180 :wink:


(3:15, 180 flip-underflip by Loic Baud)

(1:38flip-underflip, 1:40(ish) 180 flip-underflip by Krisz Kovacs)
(Studder flip, by Pat Lally)

Hey peeps, can you?

Thought of a neat thread, I was trying to do something today and thought Hmmm I wonder if others can.
then I thought a challenge thread or a “can this be done” thread…

Today I tried to hop onto a full “mini” soda can… Being new to hopping I thought it would be great practice… You know the can probably… about 3 or 4 inches tall, like half sized coke cans…
Can anyone or has anyone tried this? You would need to land REAL square as to not have it shoot out from under you