new crank arms needed, preferrably nubless


I kronked up my cranks pretty bad on a poorly landed seven stair, so now I need to get some new ones. I just see this as an opportunity to get some that’ll stop killing my ankles…
Unfortunately, the only ones on unicycledotcom besides the KH cranks are the Profiles, and frankly I don’t want to spend $300 at the moment.
Where can I get the cranks with ‘q-factor’ or whatever it’s called? I don’t see those on unicycledotcom or bedford.

the 2004 kh cranks dont really have nubs I have them and i dont ever have a problem with them at all. and what about getting the kris holm onza setup :smiley:

I assume you mean the '05, because I have the '04 and they kill me.

And I don’t know where to buy the 2005 KH cranks, aside from buying it with the hub. Do the new ones even fit the old hub?

The 05 cranks will not fit on the 04 hub. But, the 04 cranks are almost nubless. If your KH has nubs, it’s prabably the 03 model.

Ohhh, I see, I think I have the 03 then.
So are the ones I can buy on unicycledotcom the 04 versions?

Also, can I buy the 04 KH cranks from Bedford? On the price list, it only has the hub/crankset listed.

k the 2004s i have have the smallest nub on them so I aso have the last set of 04 cranks so that might be the difference see I did research the early part of 2004 they still had the nub but recently before they stoped making them the took away the nub here is a picture of my nub

here is a picture of mine


Cool, I think I’ll buy the 04 cranks, if I can find them. Are they for sale from Bedford? Or at least unicycledotcom…?

I dont really know I got them with my 2004 kh unicycle from
but copy the picture and send it to them in an email and ask if they have any because they are not selling them any more but they might have the cranks. do the same for bedford email him the picture and ask