New cracking problem in cheap Miyata handles

Ben’s trials efforts have caused a new type of crack to form in the handle of his China-cheap Miyata seat. I’m not sure if this one can be fixed except by replacing it with one of the new poly handles sold on I thought about continuing the Frankenyata fix around the perimeter of the handle but it’s a pretty tight squeeze up in the finger slot plus screw heads would not feel good on fingertips during intense riding.

Has this happened to others yet?



Not with me but i put the bolts right in the middle of the flat spot, which is further forward. I also don’t hop as much with it, since I’m mostly working on 1-f and w-w skills at the moment.

right bolt head and washer from the bottom (small).jpg

It looks like Unicycle.Com is finally out of Miyata saddles which is a great sign. Perhaps the new saddles (and various components) that are in the pipeline are the “new and improved” versions.

There are riding styles and circumstances where I prefer the thinner Miyata saddle but just last weekend I was reminded of the hassles of working with such poor materials. I had thought that I would try a Miyata on my trials uni (again). As I gain experience I find that I’m gentler on my gear and thought, perhaps, that now I could make a Miyata work for me. Thus, I set-out to try to piece together a complete saddle from my Miyata graveyard. After discovering even more seized seat bolts, hairline cracks in what I thought were good handles, I abandoned the project. I enjoy a challenge (especially when it involves frugality) but trying to breathe new life into these saddle components is an exercise in futility for me.

There has GOT to be a leaner, meaner KH saddle in the offing that is better designed for trials and freestyle (hoping, hoping, hoping).

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Yeah it is a pain. I end up replacing all the hardware, and the Kinport handle is a great replacement for the front handle if you don’t like extra bolts. For trials, too, the seat is too flexy and the GB stiffener is pretty heavy. If we had a GB stiffener that was half or even 1/3 the weight it would work just as well. And by the time you finish rebuilding the seat it’s at least twice the price.

However, there are many situations when the KH, which has its own problems of the same kind, is way too bulky. At least when the Miyata bolts spin you can tear it apart and fix the situation. And the KH handle is not replaceable either. Leaner would be good but that would not be enough.

A complete redesign of seats, for individualized riding types, is what’s required. Parameters would have to include some sort of modularity, rebuildability, reconfigurability, and also even some individualized sizing. And, of course, the components would have to go up a notch or two in quality and strength. That couldn’t be inexpensive!

That’s exactly what happened to my front miyata handle. The back bumper also went the same way, and I ended up smashing it to bits when I crashed a few months back.

I now have a kinport handle, which is nice and strong and much less wobbly. Shame about the blister on my little finger though. Oh well.

There was no way that that handle would last. I didn’t try to replace my miyata handle, I just made my own. I put a hardwood dowel about 1/2" in diameter where the hanld would normally be. I then glued and duct taped it on. That lasted about 2 months. THen I just made another. Less flex, and more room for the fingers. Now I’ve oredered an onza, so I don’t even do trials on a miyata anymore. I’d reccomend the Kinport handle. I’m just too cheap to buy one. Good luck.

has anybody tried putting a kh saddle on a diet?

its an idea i`m contemplating.

it would be easy to simply remove the staples,
peel the seat apart from the base,
trim some of the seat padding away lowering the profile of the seat to make it better for seat in front skills.
and glue and staple it back together,

depending how much you take off you could even sew the edge of the seat cover into a tube and put a drawstring in it.
if you mess it up you could always get a roach cover.

and it would be a great oportunity to replace those crappy seat post bolts.