New Compulsion Cycles team vid!!-C.C. in C.G.

What up everyone!

heres the new Compulsion Cycles vid. We shot the vid in a day so our apologies for the length.
I’m really stoked on how the vid came out so I hope you enjoy the vid as much as I did making it!



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jon A

Nice video. Loved the music and the riding. I liked the vibe I got from your group.

Awesome! matt is is crazy good at freestyle!!! jon you’re always funny:D. Pretty much good riding all around.

cool vid dude!

John you one crazy cracka’

Awesome, I loved Matt’s crank idle trick. Jon your uni looks so cool now. I like how you are riding in the background when Matt does the stand up to seat drag transition haha.

Loved it. =p

awesome vid. club crackers!

Freestyle dude has a realy high seat post! Very entertaining and good video. You’all are realy good.


Hick Kick?

Maybe a Jflip? or a JA flip?

Initials would work.

kickflip is what me and adrien call it. thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

Nice little video, I liked the lade back style.

How high was that rolling hop you did up the truck ? Looked huge.

Awesome vid. Loved it.

That tuck was massive, must have been about 38 inches i’m guessing.

A kickflip would make more sense if there was no unispin, but its still a good name I suppose…

Where can I buy club crackers? :stuck_out_tongue:

1000th post!

What’s the trick at 1:19? It just looks like a hickbackflip too me.

EDIT: I just took a closer look at Adrien Delecroix doing it. So you basically do a 180 unispin but as you do that you do a monkey kick, right? So did Pele invent that?

Im confused why you went in that direction with it. Wouldnt what Pele was trying at NAUCC be more like a kickflip, and what you did a hick kick, meaning if you did one backwards it be a kick back.

lol crrrraaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy! and you made it more confusing:D !

I’ve been doing these for a while. I have no proof but yeah. I would have called it a kickflip too.

But Sams idea makes sense.

And cool vid :smiley:

That makes perfect since to me.

Pele was just jumping up, kciking the tire so the cranks would flip, then land, but adding a unispins makes it a different trick in my mind.

That hop up to the truck bed was epic.

I love those crackers too.