New comment (for me)

I was riding behind two bikers at Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville (about half way between Houston and Austin) and the riders in front of me were stopped. The trail was closed for a few seconds while some work on the creek crossing was finished in preparations for the race next week. At least 6 people were working on it. When they yelled up to go ahead, the workers scrambled away and looked up to see how their work worked. The bikers nodded for me to go first. I commented as I made the drop into the water that if I could make it, anyone could, and everyone chuckled. Then someone said ‘on a unicycle?’ (that’s not the new comment). “Dude!” I pedalled across the creek as the rest of them realized I had only one wheel and heard the usual range of comments. As I climbed the other side and made the turn into the woods some girl yelled ‘Take off your pants!’. There was a fairly long silence, until she softly added ‘I want to see your legs…’.
I found it amusing.

I got that all the time when I was in Mississippi…mostly from Lewis and Chris, though.

That certainly is a strange one. Nice work with the creek crossing!


did u?
tell us more…

As long as it wasn’t followed by “You got a pretty mouth”, and “Squeal like a pig”.



Next time you go to Rocky Hill Ranch, let me know. I know at least two people with muni’s from Austin who’d like to join you.


…more… uh no, I didn’t, but if I’d been thinking clearly I would have retorted with ‘Take off your shirt… I want to see your… arms.’

Eric, are you going to the barbq in S.A.? -check the other thread. And I’d love to come to Austin to ride sometime -let me know if you’re in Houston.