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I was walking my Coker across the street at the lights (better safe than flat)

I was heading west, parellel to the moving traffic.

I see a guy step out , far side of the street, heading North.

He sauntered out, you know like how if you are in a mall parking lot, you step out, slowly, waiting for the car to pass, and then you keep walking? Well he was doing this!
Obviously not paying attention, he was waiting, looking at me and my Coker. One car zoomed by him and honked (they had the lights for a while, so they were up to speed. This guy, still looking at me, waved off in the general direction of the car.

I could see a car going to his right (behind him) gonna make a right turn, I didn’t say anthing to the guy, thinking he may step back into the car. He looks up at the light with a ‘Oh!’, as I get to his corner.

Saying nothing about what happened, he goes, ‘Boy, that must be hard!’

I say, ‘well, not as hard as them traffic lights!’

‘Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking,’ he said.