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Riding along the canal bank on the Coker, about 10 mph on a narrow and bumpy path, with no barrier between me and the water, I am confronted by a group of fishermen, their tackle scattered willy nilly across my intended route. I start to thumb through my card index of bitingly sarcastic responses to inane comments, when one of the fishermen grins and says, “Your shoelace is undone!”

Quite funny, actually, and meant as a pleasant joke, I think.

Riding back along the same route, I meet a bicyclist coming the other way. I swerve onto the rough ground at the side, so does he. I grin and gesture that he can have the smooth path - I will tak’ the high road, and he can tak’ the low road, etc. He wittily remarks: “I bet you’ve only got one ball, too.”

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Mikefule wrote:

> “I bet you’ve only got one ball, too.”

This is the funniest comment I’ve heard of yet! If it were me, I
probably would have fallen right off my uni in a fit of laughter. :smiley:


I was returning from a long Coker ride yesterday. There were three men walking along the same waterfront trail that I was riding. One of them asked, “don’t your balls hurt?”

I had a choice at this point. I could have been honest and said, “no, they’ve been numb for about an hour.” Instead I lied and clenched my fist tight as a visual aid and said, “no, mine are like STEEL.”

They seemed to like that. They may have liked the other response even more. Regardless, it is unnerving to have a group of three, strange men take that kind of interest in me.

New comment AND a variant :0)

What’s unnerving, Greg, is that you should be contemplating which description of your balls 3 strange men would prefer. B[/B]

This weekend I had the 20 inch uni at a Morris event, and one of the dancers, rather taken by the rhythmic forward and backwards movement inherent in idling asked, ‘Have you ever had sex on a unicycle?’ He illustrated his inspirational concept with a few jerky movements of the lower body. I answered in the negative and moved swiftly on.

New pickup lines?


Maybe checkernuts’ experience wasn’t such an isolated incident, after all…

speakin of the “one ball” thing. ever since i’ve started to ride my unicycle, my friends will sometimes call me “uniball” . then i ride over their toes…muahahahha…


“I don’t know, I haven’t hit anybody with them yet”

“When I forget the seat at home”

You weren’t by any chance wearing a black one-piece swim suit? When does the 2003 Calendar come out?

Sorry…make that FOUR strange men.

I find the comments from people concerned that I must be hurting my balls amusing, especially when those concerned people are on a mountain bike. A mountain bike is more dangerous for your naughty bits than a unicycle. I would bet that almost everyone who does aggressive mountain bike riding (downhill, hucks, jumps, stunts) has bashed their balls at least once on the bike. On a bike you can bash your balls on the stem, top tube and the back of the seat (when you scoot off the back of the seat for doing down steep hills). In several of the MTB videos that I have there are shots of some poor guy either lying on the side of the trail clutching their nuts or jumping up and down in obvious discomfort clutching their nuts. I have never bashed my nuts badly on a unicycle. I have never seen another unicyclist lying on the side of the trail clutching their nuts. MUni is much safer for the nuts than aggressive mountain biking.

Thanks, I appreciate your concern, but it’s not a problem.