New Cokers are almost done

Says next week, does that mean it will be done next week?

We will see

By the way I got this email three minutes ago

Also looks like someone was bored in the shop (or photoshop)

interesting frame design


It says “more info coming next week.” Sounds like more info to me.

The frame looks cool, assuming that’s the actual frame. If not, why show it? And why all the mystery still? If I were them, I’d be bragging about whatever features it’s going to have, to try to start capturing a market of people willing to wait for it to be available.

Anyway, it was great to hear an update, and now I’m fascinated!

Looking forward to playing with the new Coker on the streets and trails of NY.

I tried there sight and it looks like someone was doing something to

'nuff said?

Reminds me of Lost.

All hype and anticlimax. :smiley:

that frame looks like the music that the white boy played

Yes, what turned out to be in the hatch in the gigantic wheel they found? :wink:

I must be missing something…is that a 3-legged or 4-legged frame?

a guy who’d been living underground there for years typing the same sequence of numbers in to a computer every 13 minutes or something. Yes it was as crap as it sounds.

Clearly four legged, its behind the other but you can see it towards the bottom.

4 leg, you can just see the forth leg under the crown

4 legs. It’s kind of a weird design: looks like there are two legs curving in front of the seatpost and two legs behind. Actually, it looks rather like somebody superimposed two unicrowned frames at 90 degrees to each other.

It looks like fitting brakes could be quite a pain. Looks like quite a beefy frame though, with those four large legs. Looks a bit “alien” though!

I second that

I’ve got to say, I think I got into unicycling (and then cokering / big wheel / distance riding) at just the right time. The innovations in big wheeling and distance riding are coming thick and fast these days. Seriously, the new Qu-AX 36", the new Coker, the Nimbus 36", the Schlumpf (and the KH/Schlumf).

I’m amazed and delighted that we actually have this many companies actually competing in the “long distance unicycling” market - I mean, it doesn’t sound very likely, does it? :wink: Of course, it’s still a rather small niche, but no longer so small that there’s only one or two very similar alternatives (which was the case just a few years ago: two rims, and three very similar cycles available).

I shall be quite interested to see what this frame looks like. I wonder if it’ll support an extra wide hub correctly - if so I might consider it over the Nimbus to upgrade my 36" at some stage. Either way, it’s good to see new frame designs being explored too. It’ll be very interesting to see what the new hub looks like, whether they’ve upgraded the pedals / saddle and also if they’ve made any changes in the area of tyres / tubes.

I’m excited to see what happens next :smiley:

Unless it’s going to be an aluminum frame, it’ll be TWICE as heavy as before! :astonished:

True - although I’m not sure how much that’ll matter compared to the weight of the wheel! I’d hope that the stiffness benefits would be worth it, though.

I’m still not convinced that any “stiffness benefits” are that noticeable. My radial 36 deluxe utilizes the standard tubular frame and I haven’t noticed any “flex” with it at all; and I’ve done some pretty extreme stuff on it so far, in addtition to putting several hundred miles on it. I’ve also ridden the deluxe with the nimbus frame, and didn’t notice any appreciable difference, but it did feel more sluggish. Maybe it just takes getting used to it.:slight_smile: