New Coker

last thurs:


What next?

Looks awesome! :slight_smile:

But in the 2nd pic…

“More than just an funky frame”

Not too respectable.

I think they’re listening to us! The specs sound pretty nice.

well we now know for sure that they are using a square taper hub, not ISIS, look at the pic of the crank

Man, having “Coker” printed on all the stuff makes it so much better. :roll_eyes:

Is it just me, or does that saddle have a pretty deep curve? I tend to prefer flatter saddles for distance riding.

depending on price, this could kill sales of the nimbus.

I think you’re missing the point here. With a deeper curve, such as the one in the previous picture, your testicles are going to be forced more forward and upward. Now, in combination with the right kind of shorts, it will look like your penicular area is very large. Just another way to use the unicycle to impress teh womenz.

Hear hear! It actually looks like the standard criticisms of the vanilla coker really have been addressed - it’s not just an incremental update! Now, if they’ll be so kind as to introduce a muni tyre, I think I’ll just go right ahead and swoon. Then I’ll propose marriage to the entire Coker company.

I’m not very impressed, I like the way things are going but… the saddle looks like the old Velo saddles, much rub because it’s high profile and its banana shaped, not comfortable. The cranks look good besides being too long and the pedals don’t even have removable pins. I don’t get the mystery, just release your unicycle because this way, I’m not going very positive on the unicycle. I was very interested to know about the new coker but this is a bit dissapointing. A frame with a weird shape, old style saddles, standard pedals, seat posts that every company is making already, where is the big change? The only thing I like so far are the cranks and well, about the frame, we will see.

Well, the deep saddle padding might improve distance comfort if done well. I’m not so fussed about this part though. I think the key point is that Coker are going to release a unicycle that doesn’t immediately need all of its components to be upgraded in order to make it practical (i.e. that the changes are an improvement on the previous model, which I doubt any serious riders were buying at all anymore given the alternatives)

We’ll see… but there was supposed to be some kind of new hub, plus an alloy rim coming out. I’m mostly interested in what they do for tyres.

Did they say it was going to be big? I think Coker’s goal has been to make improvements while keeping the price as low as possible. I never suspected they would put a splined hub on (nor do they need one). The frame looks cool, but we’ll have to see how they work before judging.

Cranks too long? For a few people. I think 150 and 125 are the two best sizes to offer. People going longer and shorter are specialists, outside the mainstream of Coker buyers.

The seat is a huge improvement over the original. Remember, the original seat was a Viscount! This one won’t need immediate replacement.

what if this was just an elaborate hoax by coker? have us waiting day by day for updates, and then just have the coker be the exact same as it was.

Those pedals don’t look very ‘alloy’ :thinking:

Cranks look like they have a fairly large q-angle by the way the light falls on them, not necessarily a negative but if it has a wide hub too it could be quite a big q.

I actually do think having Coker logos on everything does make it look nicer, hopefully it will turn out to be a decent affordable distance uni.

I’m just guessing that the stuff they’ve shown us so far isn’t the big surprise, hopefully a really strong wheel and great price will be that surprise

If you take the image from the first newsletter and brighten it you can see some
more details about the frame – see the attachment (if it works). It looks quite
beefy (and heavy).



The rim, tire and HUB are what I’m waiting to hear about! I hope, HOPE they lose that crappy steel rim and offer only a good, strong DW alum rim! TWO tire choices would also be nice; one for road, one for trails.

It’d be nice if it was aluminum.

Aluminium Cranks on Cotterless Crank arms don’t work for me. To much power. Give me some steel.



I don’t know if you were talking to me, but I was talking about the frame, not the cranks.

For a frame with that much tubing, I think weight-wise, it would only be feasible if it was aluminum.

they did a poor photoshop on the first coker frame image, as shown earlier in this thread, if you dont believe it then flat screen users stand up and look down at the image when displayed on screen , already it starts to show through… or if you live in America just adjust the brightness (o/j)

but yeah the components look like there relativly cheap to make compared so i think theres going to be a good price!