new Coker wheelset came today

I got my new coker wheelset today, the airfoil rim with the extra wide hub.
I just finished switching the tube and tire, with no problem, but trying to fit the wheel into the frame it just won’t fit!! I’ve heard its supposed to be a tight fit, but I’m sure that I remember people have fit the extra wide hub into the standard coker frame.

after searching I discovered some threads that said you do need a wider frame…but one also said you could bend the frame to get it wider. so I did. and it fit!! so its all good.

Man, what did you bend it with? was it that easy?

it wasn’t hard…I put it on the floor and put my foot on top of one fork to hold that side down, then pulled the other fork up with my hand gently. I miiight not have done it enough though, because I think I can hear the spoke hitting the frame when it goes around.


You did it correctly it just that the spoke flanges stickout a bit and scape the frame. The photos to the fix that I did for exactly the same thing are HERE IN MY GALLERY.. I will search for the thread that describes the procedure for dimpling the frame tubes to allow clearance of the spoke flanges.

Here’s the link to the thread. Sorry it took so long. That search feature is a real bear to use. What are the timestamp differences in the posts?

three minutes. tsk tsk, bad Harper :smiley:

I went through the same exact process that you just went through:

  1. Oh my God… it doesn’t fit!!! Now what? Do I need a new custom frame or something???
  2. I skipped the searching the forum step and went straight to #3
  3. I guess I’ll try to bend it myself. I used the same exact technique you described (I guess great minds think alike :slight_smile: - and/or we both lack proper tools and/or we’re both lazy and/or we both wanted an expeditious solution!)

Guess what? I have a spoke that rubs against the frame on every revolution, too. I was a bit concerned about it at first and it rather annoyed me, but my laziness in trying to fix an insignificant problem and lack of available time overpowered my OCD. The worst I can imagine happening is that the one spoke may lose a fraction of a millimeter of its diameter in that one spot where it hits the frame… but it would be negligible so I don’t think it will affect your riding or matter in any way.

I found it amusing that we both went through the same process and we both had the same concerns. I wouldn’t worry about it… go out and ride and enjoy yourself.

Congratulations on the upgrade. Now you’ll be able to attempt whatever you want on your Coker! It may take a short while for you to get used to the increased width hub/lighter weight/enhanced maneuverability, though. Have fun!