New Coker, Question.

Well first, pictures.

No complaints, it’s run smoothly so far.

Now for my question. After messing around a little and learning to freemount, I went on a quick 3.5 mile ride. During the ride all I experienced was discomfort in the crotch, which I will get used to(and buy compression shorts to deal with). After I got back and cooled down, I had (Edit: It was less of a ‘slight discomfort’ and more of a muscle pain.) in my right leg. It ran from halfway down my buttcheeck to my mid-thigh. It’s gone now, but I’d like to know how to prevent it. I can only assume that It’s because I was doing something wrong while riding, and can probably get worse. Anyone care to help?

Those are nice pictures

It has a nice, hand welded look.

I’m no expert, and have never used a brake, but I am used to seeing the brake behind the seat post, rather then in front.

I get different pains. What I do is switch to a different kind of riding. Trials, muni, then back to Coker, should give your muscles a rest from stressing to much, just a certain way. Most pain is a good sign IMHO, unless it’s joint pain. Muscles are plenty tough, and hard to really overwork, even when they are sore. Joints are more fragile, and in my experience my left shoulder can go out, and if I force through the pain while weight lifting, it can mess it up for months.