New Coker Pre-Orders now available.

Too bad Schwalbe doesn’t make a 36" version of their Big Apple.

There’s plenty of room for 36" tire improvement. Almost 4 lbs for a tire is archaic.

Has anyone had any problems dealing with ordering a new Coker?

On 11/16, I placed my order online.
On 11/21, I received three undeliverable emails from Coker that were somehow generated by my order on 11/16.
On 11/21, I sent an email to the accounts that were identified in the undelivered messages. They came back “undeliverable”.
On 11/23, I called their toll-free telephone number. The guy who answered the phone told me they were not taking unicycle orders yet because the unicycles are still being developed. He gave me a “correct” email address for contacting Coker.
On 11/26, I emailed the “correct” email address to inquire about my order.

I still have not heard from Coker. This does not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about my order. :frowning:

Jerome was having problems buying a new coker, they weren’t answering his e-mails either.

But on a positive note there are rumors that has some exciting news for 36ers happening at the end of January.


problems contacting coker

i was planning on preordering a coker ,but as i got no reply from there email address or from the website contact us i gave up , i now plan to wait for a review of the new unicycles and compare to the other 36ers available ,
also very keen on buying the new KH 36er

What to do…

I am about convinced that I NEED a Coker. But I am not sure this is the one. I’ve read this thread at least 3 times. And I know so little I don’t even know if I should order a brake or not. Any thoughts?

I just called UDC the other day to see if they build wheels and I got to talking with Amy. She informed me that they still had a Nimbus 36er special =edition in stock. So i bought it and cancelled my Coker preorder. I can’t say whether or not the new cokers will be better, but I know that Coker refused to ship to me (in Canada) via anything other than Fed Ex. Meaning hundreds of charges in duty and brokerage, not to mention the shipping price itself. Give UDC a call. They have stuff they don;t advertise. They are also far better in terms of customer service.

I realized that I would still have to pay quite a bit to get the uni into Canada (most of the parts are manusfactured outside North America). Amy took it upon herself to ship it to a Canadian store owner in Calgary who is now charging me only 14 CND to ship. No duty no brokerage. UDC deserves the Forbes prize.

Does anyone have any new information. The people at coker do not return my calls.

Your mileage may vary, I know that mine has. Moreover, I’m sure that if they actually kept an accurate inventory that was syncronized with their website they would get a lot more buisness.

Yeah agreed. All it takes to make me happy is one individual who takes their job seriously.

I have been watching my credit card to see if they have charged it yet. Nothing so far.

I am not impressed with their customer service. If I survive this transaction, I will avoid ever doing business with them again.

According to the website there was a mix-up with fitting the Big One with a brake so many orders were not processed quickly.

I haven’t decided on the Big One or the V2. For those of you who ordered one already what specifically helped you choose.

For those of you familiar with unicycles and especially cokers, if you were going to buy one of the two which one? and why…

Three things put me off of the V2; the extra FOUR pounds, the added cost, and the look of it. I think it’s just hideous, but that’s just my opinion. :sunglasses:

I agree with all aspects of this comment.

My first impression of the V2 was not good. After seeing it over and over I think I’ve gotten used to it but still like the classic look of the Big One better.

Is there any functional purpose for these spidery legs on the V2. I mean look at the brake mounts on both. Do the legs maybe create a safer place for the brakes from being smashed?



Where’d you get those pics???

Go to the coker site

click on either uni and then order now. It will bring you to these two pages

The pictures of the breaks are towards the bottom of each page.

I can’t imagine that the spider legs would offer any real protection. I just can’t think of what other purpose they would have.

Ok thanks. I haven’t checked their site in a few weeks, so they must’ve added those pics in the interim.:smiley:

Good news - We are making progress. As of today, there is a temporary authorization by Coker on my credit card! :smiley:

More good news - It’s coming. I got a FedEx tracking number today. My new Coker BIG ONE is on the way. Estimated delivery time is Monday, December 31. Happy New Year. :smiley:

Bad news - Since I live in the same state as Coker, I get to pay $43 in sales tax. :frowning:

I am soooo green with envy! I haven’t even ordered one yet.
You planning on riding on Monday? :smiley:

Here is wishing you the best weather possible for Monday and the whole week. Don’t forget to take time out to share some pics. K?

Unfortunately, I am at the back end of the FedEx route so it will likely be late in the day before the truck gets to my house. Maybe I can spend part of New Year’s Day riding my new wheel.