New Coker Pre-Orders now available.

Just got the E-Mail a few minutes ago.

If I wasn’t buying a KH24 for a damn good price already… I would probably be getting one of these new Cokers.

sweet. I was wondering if we would ever be able to order them. lol :sunglasses:



add in a brake for $50 (that’s cheap for a break).

The Nimbus 36 stock is a bit cheaper: ($515 base price)


That has nothing to do with new Cokers being available… but… “The Big One” is $440.

what do you think though… I am about to pre order on of these for ride the lobster. I am so seriously torn between these two and the nimbus 36… any input?

Your kidding, right? I quoted the price of the new Coker. Comparing it to existing “36’ers” has everything to do with it being available.


Our local email list has been discussing it too. It is tough.

N36 - 21.5 pounds w the 2.2 pound T7 handle

Coker V2 - 20 pounds w/out handle.
Coker big one - 16 pounds! but is it strong enough?

For me, it would be tough to say without riding both (with a brake). I currently have a N36, and had one of the older Coker big one’s (steel!)


Ah! A huge thing I missed; the Nimbus (N36) currently has the old steel rim, and not the stronger airfoil rim. The new “big one” sounds like the best deal of them all…


There seems to be a bit of confusion about the price of the “Big One” If you click the link to Coker Cycles, you’ll see that the price they are quoting is $439.95. If you want the brake, it’s an extra $60.00. Total $499.95. Cheaper than the Nimbus 36".

I’m all for the new Big One.

At 16 pounds, you really can’t go wrong.

The only thing that made me hesitate ordering was the december delivery. I’d like think after all these delays they would have stocked up on parts and been ready to start shipping. I was really hoping for a disc-ready (i.e. no extensive modification) compatible hub/frame combo this time.

I wonder when it will come to Oz. :smiley: :smiley:

Is the only difference between the new Big One and the V2 the frame? Because if that is the case, the Big One seems a lot better because it is 4 pounds lighter! Am I missing something here?

I also wonder what the weight difference is between the old frame and the new big one frame.

It is possible that the alum frame may flex (or the opposite, may be too stiff and develop cracks), which wouldn’t be as good for running a brake.

But, it is all hard to say until we actually see and ride them.


Thats a “December or later” delivery. I think they are wise not to give out hard dates until they have product in hand. That’s why there is no date on KH/Schlumph hubs. I’m sure Coker is working hard to stock up on all the parts before they start shipping, though they may just be waiting for whatever parts are being manufactured overseas, while tires might be already made…

That’s why I was reluctant, they didn’t really meet any of their prior tentative dates for way-points on the project. I guess I should have said “December” considering all the prior setbacks and delays with this new model. (In quotes and italicized to emphasize the absolute tenativity of the proposed delivery month) And that kind of was my point, they have delayed at every step of the process. (Come on! The preorder site was down and delayed the psuedo launch for more than a day)

I’ll try and get down to the shop this week for a test ride, then post review.

Ok I just got another email from Kendal Kaylor at Coker Cycles. I asked him about alternative Road tire choices and shipping dates on pre-orders. Here’s his reply on 11/14/07:

<<Hi Terry,

Yes, the new unicycles will ship with the original Coker button tread tire. The new Coker XLR road tire is currently in development and we expect to see a sample very soon. It should be available during the first quarter of 2008.

As it stands right now, we appear to be on track to ship the new models during the first two weeks of December barring no complications with the components clearing customs, etc. We’re doing everything we can to make pre-Christmas delivery a reality.

Best regards,


I’m taking the plunge … I placed my order today.

Big One
Blue/Black seat
cromoly seat post
150mm cranks
no brake
36" tire :slight_smile:

Hopefully we get a nice lite weight road tire