New Coker offroad tyre!

Apologies if this has been posted here already, but Coker have a new offroad tyre. Its marginally wider than other 36" tyres by 1/8", but the coolest thing about it is its tread pattern which consists entirely of embossed ‘Coker’ text. The word ‘Coker’ will be written in the mud in mirror-writing and normal writing wherever you go. I’ve always thought that it would be a cool if a tyre company did this, shameless self-promotion though it is.

I wonder how much it weighs…

Read more here.

It doesn’t look the best tread pattern for off-road and I don’t trust tire measurements written on side of tires.
It was due out in August but I don’t think it is available for sale yet, no one on the forum has bought one as far as I know


Looks like it’s for sale now:

Very pretty. I’d be more convinced if their name was XXX

Or perhaps +++++

It’s a good thing they have it spelled in both directions. Otherwise pumped at a high enough pressure it would say KKK…

appoligy accepted

Cough* Coker 36 x 2 3/8 NonSkid Muni Tire *Cough

What’s an ‘appoligy’? Nonetheless what’s different to that thread is that the tyre is now available for sale. I actually found this page first, then the blog page. I posted the link to the blog page as it looked at lot more interesting.

Yeah, buying any black rubber stuff with XXX on it is always more satisfying :smiley:

I’d have to agree though that whilst having the name on the tread is pretty cool, I don’t see it being the best idea for an off-road tyre. It looks like approx 85% of the tread is full height (or 15% is cut away, depending on your point of view). Most decent off-road tyres are more like 50/50


Watch out for land mines!

Well for those of us who ride in the city (and other places where this danger exists), it looks like that tire would be really annoying to have to scrape and clean - with all those nooks and crannies - when you ride over a land mine (of the type produced by canines)…

wow i’m slow i was like “but you will be dead if you run over a land mine” before i reread it