New Coker BigOne! Question about seat clamp, brake mounts

Got my new Coker Big One yesterday. Didn’t know what to expect but was pleased with the build quality. Wheel appears to spin true. Nice pedals.

I ordered both the 150 and 125 cranks. It came with the 125s installed. Since I wanted the brake on the back AND to start with the 150s, I pulled the cranks and switched them to opposite sides. When I installed the seat post, I put it on backwards, putting the brake mounts in the back rather than the front.

I initially did not want to try a freemount, but discovered that it was in some ways easier than freemounting my 29. The added mass of the wheel keeps it from rotating when I step up.

I rode around the neighborhood…I’m glad I started with the 150s…it was worth the $25 extra to get both. What a smooth ride…

So far, I am OK with the Velo seat. The stapling underneath is a bit sloppy, but other than that, fine.

Is there any problem with turning the seat clamp around so that the slots are opposite each other? It’s not a big deal, but if it does not matter, I’ll change it…tom

I have mine that way, work all through RTL.

Mine’s like that, too, and like Jim, all the way though RTL.

Can either of the people who have their Cokers set up with the brake in the back post a picture? I will be receiving mine soon and I’m curious as to what it looks like(I just cant picture it from the description).

you should really have the slot in the clamp and the frame aligned to give a higher clamping force, but if you’re not experiencing problems with the saddle twisting then i can’t see the harm.

I wonder if anyone has had their seatpost fall into the spinning tire while riding because of too little pressure at the clamp. That would be a nasty spill.

Apparently Coker is worried about this, because both of their frames have a little bar across the bottom to prevent it. But I don’t see it being such an issue because your seat post won’t go downward until way after it start twisting side to side. In other words, you’d know about it before it had much of a chance to work its way down, and I think it pretty unlikely to actually drop suddenly.

The downside of the little bar across the hole is that it limits your amount of seat post leeway. If you’re going to use the same Coker for road and offroad, that means long cranks and a low seat (very short post) for offroad, and short cranks with a much higher seat (much longer post) for road. One might even end up needing two different posts due to the lack of adjustment space in there…

Oh yeah, definitely agree with that. It seems like the post also wouldn’t exactly ‘fall’ all the way down in one motion if it was loose, it would probably simply inch downward and twist like you said.

New Coker 2 3/8" Offroad Tyre!

Apologies if this has been posted here already, but Coker have a new offroad tyre now. Its marginally wider than other 36" tyres by 1/8", but the coolest thing about it is its tread pattern which consists entirely of embossed ‘Coker’ text. The word ‘Coker’ will be written in the mud in mirror-writing and normal writing wherever you go. I’ve always thought that it would be a cool if a tyre company did this, shameless self-promotion though it is.

I wonder how much it weighs…

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