New cnc frame

I just finished this frame. I had 2 sets of legs from the first time I made a frame so I just had to make a new crown. Its not perfect but its fully functional, just a few small machining errors. These frames are still heavier than I want. They sure look good though. More to come. I am working on a new design that should be lighter and easier to build.


Any more pics? And whats it made from?

more pix




Nice. Google “CNC swimgarms” if you want to see some more structurally rigid/lighter ways to approach the project. You’ll see that generally designers keep as many external surfaces as possible complete, and triangulate extensively.

That said, it might be lighter, but it’s a completely different look from what you have…

Yeah I am working on a triangular pattern. I have actually been working on an entirely new design. I just made this one because I had the legs done already. Its 6061 aluminum.

Sweet! I look forward to more pics.

It’s beautiful! Looks like slices of an inline 6 cylinder engine. :slight_smile:

But I would hate to whack a knee on that crown!

Nice! I love seeing big blocks of machined aluminum haha!

How do you put the wheel on?

Inline 5?

Do you have easy access to a CNC or did you send the design off to have it done for you? What was the cost like? Just the other day I was looking into potentially having some cranks done in the future, maybe play around with some design aspects.

Weight ?

I have the CNC. Cranks are hard because I dont have the appropriate broach for ISIS cranks. I might get one in the future. The crown has rounded corners, not much but enough to take the edge off. I dont have a good scale but the other one I have weights about 2.5 pounds. I would guess this one to be about the same. Cost is hard to estimate, prototypes are always difficult to estimate. Time wise I could build another in about a day. Time plus materials would probably put it in the $500 range. Then it has to be anodized and I dont remember the cost of that. I doubt that most people would want to put out that kind of money for a frame that is heavier and no better performing than a standard tube frame. They are really cool though. I am working on a new design which should be cheaper and easier to make. I dont have any real plans for production but I may make a few for sale to support my hobby. It also looks like these frames will accept a 26"x 3" wheel. I have yet to try it but my buddy here just got a KH 26" so he may let me try to fit it.

machineman hasn’t answered yet, but I guess one leg of the frame has to be taken off of the crown.

Outstanding work! The craftsmanship looks top-notch. I’m guessing you have to press the wheel + bearing assembly into a single arm while the other is removed, then sandwich everything together?

I’d love to see a final assembly once it’s all put together.

Meaning you’d have to remove the cranks to remove the frame…

I’m curious to see the answer!

Awesome looking frame, I can’t wait to see the other design.

I wonder how much weight is saved by ditching the removable bearing holders. Of course the rest of the frame would also have to be light for the added hassle to be worthwhile.

Surely you’d just have to remove the pedals, then slip the frame hoops over the cranks…

Unless you have a crank mounted disc, though I don’t see any place to mount the brake, so that’s probably not a problem for him.

I plan on putting disc mounts on the frame. I just dont have the parts to model it off of. I am planning on getting a 27.5 or 29 with a disc brake. Then I can use the measurements and parts to get it all right on my frame. The reason for the non-removable bearing holders is simple. I had 2" (50.8 mm) material for the legs. Bearings are 40 or 42 mm. After milling out the pockets for them there is pretty much no space left to put screws between them and the outside of the frame. I would need at least 10-32 screws. these are .19 inches (4.8 mm) each. This does not leave enough material to put the screw in. I am thinking of trying it with the 32 mm bearings that UDC is selling. That would leave enough room for the screws. Its all variable. You do have to remove the cranks and one leg with the current design to remove the wheel. I dont find this to be much of an issue because I very rarely remove the wheel. If you had a flat on the trail it would be a lot more work.

Absolutely! Lets give it a shot.